Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to present caps to others!

A thank you to femslut21!
I've been known to get quite angry whenever I see some random blog hosting caps that they didn't make.  In fact I believe the first time I saw one of my own caps hosted in such a way that 'enraged' is the only way to describe how I felt.   I think part of that feeling came from being a photographer.  In photography it's fairly difficult to re-create someone else's work.  You not only have to match the subject matter, but you have to match the lighting, the film used (yeah... old school!), and the post processing.  But in the capping world, it's not so difficult to re-create something yourself.  You only need the original image (or a similar one), and then you can lay it out as you see fit, and even make up your own version of the story. So when I saw someone posting my caps, I had that same photographic response... it was stealing.  No, it wasn't stealing money or profits as I make no money from these caps, but it was stealing my creative energy for their uses.

I've since gotten over it.  At least a little.  It still pisses me off to see my work pop up randomly on some site and not even be mentioned as the artist, or have a link back to my own blog, but I try to let it run off of me like water from a duck.  The only time I get upset enough to do anything about it is when I see caps that have been altered.  Just sharing my caps is no longer enough to make me take any action.

But since I have gotten angry when someone hosts caps inappropriately in the past and even written up posts about it, I figured I owed it to everyone to share someone who does it with complete and total respect.

There are of course cap blog aggregators like worldoftg.com.  They don't post the caps themselves, but link to other blogs when they are updated.  I mention worldoftg specifically because they are the main source of my page views (Thank you!).  But really they are just doing a variation of what most cap blogs do... even my list of 'Blogs I enjoy' link to other blogs.

So I'd like to share with you "Femslut21's Curated Captions".  Femslut21's tumbler blog puts a spotlight on some great caps from some of the best caption artists out there. Every day she posts a new cap.  But she doesn't host the cap itself... instead, she link to the original cap artists's blog where the viewer can see the cap in it's full sized glory.  She even goes to the trouble of mentioning the artists's name and the name of the cap itself.

I'll admit that I first noticed her blog when I saw some of my older caps getting quite a few pageviews out of the blue.  For instance, I noticed "Slut Off! Jeff Vs Calvin" is in the top ten posts this week.  This cap is almost a year old and shouldn't be naturally popping up with that many views.  So when I looked at referring websites, I saw femslut21's blog listed.  I viewed it initially just to see how she presented the caps, but I stayed and viewed many of the caps there (all linking back to the original artists' blog).  I had read most of the caps before as few of them could be considered 'new'... but it was a nice trip down memory lane, and let me see some great caps.

So... I want to send out a huge thank you to femslut21!  If you want to host someone else's caps, then this is the way it should be done.  And if you want to see some great caps as well you should check out "Feminization Fantasies".  That is femslut21's own wonderful captioned images blog as well as a great list of other cap blogs.


  1. Here Here! I love that femslut doesn't just post the newest or one from everyone, but that she actually chooses what she thinks are the best and hosts them for people that might have missed them. And, I'm not just saying that because she's hosted some of mine :P. She's also made some very squirmy caps herself, but she doesn't cap as much as she curates.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I just added that blog! And a great blog about promotion vs. thinned veiled thievery! :)

  3. She seems to be quite fixated on the oral type of TG Captions so I probably wouldn't visit too much .. and explains why I probably haven't been featured there.

    Glad to see someone that is doing it the right way though, and not modifying another captioners work AND highlighting where the source material came from, which is always a good thing!

  4. Wow. I'm honored. So many of the luminaries of TG captioning saying nice things about me.

    I'm relieved to learn that people like the Curated Captions site. Back when I made it public I wrote a blog post explaining my intentions because I was nervous people wouldn't like the site and would want their work removed.

    The CC site is just now getting popular enough to move traffic. It has ~400 followers and most posts get 2-8 likes / reshares which expands the number of people seeing them considerably.

    If anyone is interested in making a similar tumblr I would love to see the kinds of captions others enjoy. I would strongly recommend this Firefox plugin as a tool to help. You can just right-click the blogger preview image of someone's caption and select "Post photo to my tumblelog..." (and then credit it appropriately obviously). It saves a lot of time. I queue up a dozen or so of my favorites at a time and set tumblr to auto-post one of them each day.

    The captions from my favorites list are indeed old. (I think the oldest is this one from February 2009). But as they are being posted at a rate of one per day they are becoming more current pretty quickly. You should all post more captions I like so that I don't run out. :)

  5. @Dee - I think it is great that we can all have different tastes. Mine run to unwilling transformation, humiliation, explicit images, and a preference for captions featuring t-girls.

    I know you write several of those things quite well which is why you have been featured at least five times [one, two, three, four, five].

    1. That's what I get for trusting Blogger/Tumblr's search function! Entered "Dee" and "Dementia" and came up empty both times to see if I was featured ... and I just scanned through 3 full pages of captions with cock sucking going on and I can only see so much of that before I have to head offline and get one of my minions to take care of my needs!

      As I did mention above, I am glad that you are giving captions a proper "Rebroadcast" so to speak .. and anything that drives up page views to others sites is a wondrous thing!

      And I do pop in to your original blog every month or so when I am in the quest for a more explicit caption fix!