Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Tree?  Serum?  It's all the same thing!

To be honest, I haven't been in a very cappy mood lately. Not graphically or verbally.  But... I've also only created one cap in the past 11 days.  So I figured I would look for a good image and make a cap.  Just a nice quicky to maybe get the juices flowing.

When I saw this image, my first thought was of 'Eve' and her fruit of forbidden knowledge.  So I figured I could whip up a quick cap that while based on that story wouldn't cross over into anything religious.  So the apple is changed into the serum, and both Adam and Eve are the same person.

It's... well it's ok.  It won't go down as a great cap, but hopefully it will strum the strings in the right way and get me wanting to make another cap.  I already have several image sets up that looked promising...


  1. Oh contrar dear Csitlyn. This cap is exquisite. Very sissy in my opinion. Love the image.

    Kiss kiss,


  2. Haha, a very interesting take on the classic Adam and Eve tale. That last bit about her loving the tests certainly had me laughing, it wasn't hard to imagine just what those tests might be!

    Was the gaussian blur something you added? I feel like that was an interesting touch!

    1. Thank you Kendall! Yes, I did add the blur, leaving most of her face in sharp focus. I wanted to add an 'otherworldly' feeling to the cap. Thanks for noticing!