Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cupid's Arrow

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day.  It's almost always felt like a holiday designed to make those alone feel worse than they already to.  Sure, it's nice to celebrate your love when you're coupled up, but damn it you couples have 365 days a year to do that!  Having a day set aside specifically for it is just a knife stab in the kidneys to everyone that isn't in a relationship.

But enough of my Valentine Grinch.  It does happen to be a reminder of another sort... a reminder that 'love' is often missing in my caps.  Oh sure, the guy transforming his friend into a buxom cock sucking slut loves what hes doing, but that's not the romantic self sacrificing love that makes us get all teary eyed and sigh softly.  So I'll take this opportunity to try making that.

Now it wouldn't be too difficult to pick out a sweet picture of a lovely girl and write up a story about how a guy transformed himself to become the lovely lesbian lover of a girl or even the devoted girl to his lonely male friend... but that's just not quite a challenge enough.  So instead of finding that innocent puppy dog love image, I decided to pick out an image that I normally would... a picture that is more lust than love.  When I had said image in hand I would then try to twist it so that it was as soulfully endearing as it was visually arousing.

When I saw this image set, I knew I had the right ones to choose from.      First it's from  They have become a recent fave of mine as they're following (leading) the trend to more passionate emotional image sets.  They're still porn, but they're lovely porn., and are held in this same regard and all of them have produced image sets that found their way into my caps (although I still generally find their images at

My first impression was that the heroine was transforming himself to help out a couple.  That he'd become the guy's perfectly submissive girl when with him, and he'd become a hunky masculine guy when with her.  But as I started taking a swing at that, I realized it would be too long of a story.  In addition, it only seemed like half of a self sacrifice.  A complete self sacrifice would be becoming a girl for a girl that you loved from afar... and accepting that she still wants men.  And even though this is a complete transformation I think it follows that sissy style love story... a sissy loving his wife enough to let her have men.

Writing the story out from that perspective wasn't hard, but I did run into a couple problems.  First, I felt that I wasn't acknowledging that this was a sacrifice... that he was enjoying giving the BJ only because Vicky wanted him to do so.  Second there was a design issue... having such long paragraphs makes it a pain to get them to line up right.  There's nothing worse than the last line of a paragraph being only one or two words.  So I had to add in some extra words and phrases to flesh it out a bit and have the last lines be as long as possible (without having them flow into another one or two word line).

I think it ended up OK... I still feel that if I had another paragraph I could go more into the sacrifice... but I'm not positive it would make the story any more sweet.

I hope you like it, and I hope you all have a wonderful 'It sucks to be alone' day!


  1. A lovely sweet Valentine. Loved it.

  2. Oh my Caitlyn! My heart is aflutter. What a wonderful story of love.



  3. A very sweet cap. I was not expecting him to use the arrow to transform himself, so that was an interesting twist for me, but I rather enjoyed the way the story played out. I do believe the two of them are going to have some great memories to make ahead of them!

  4. I loved the story. Picture is great too.