Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Earning Your Tips

Tips are very important!

The other day I wanted to make a quick cap.  Nothing special or overt, but just enough to get my creative engines running again.  I saw this image set of a maid and realized that I haven't done a maid cap in months.  It's one of those fetishes that I don't pursue all that often, but when done right can really ring my bell.  I looked primarily at the 2nd and 3rd images here and thought I could make a fun coerced cap about a guy dressing up as a maid and it going further than he intended.

I started writing honestly expecting the story to be about a third of what I have here... just enough to have the text lie within the images and not needing a border like I have now.  But once I had the first third of the story written, I realized that this could be something good.  And since I had the subject willingly going into this job... becoming a sexy maid along side his wife... I was reminded of one of Angel's recent posts, where she talks about a particular kink that she enjoys... involuntary self participation.  Since I owe Angel a cap, I continued writing with the intent of this being for her.

But like I've done in the past, I forgot one of her preferences.  Full Transformations Only.  I've danced around with her cross dressing before, but I still ended it being a full transformation.  By the time I realized my error, I was almost done with the story.  I did sit back and consider changing it... but I just felt that having the subject be completely male under his uniform added to much to the story.  I couldn't cut it.  So instead I took out the few references to her name and finished the story.

Hopefully I'll still come up with something for Angel that she likes, but for now this is just a blog exclusive.


  1. Dear Caitlyn,

    I hope I at least crossed your mind when you wrote this. Because you may as well have written it for me. I live it!!!!

    Kiss kiss,


  2. Very sexy stuff. I am sure that e will not be the only regular customer that she has looking like that.

  3. I'm not sure about the threat part, but I like the story otherwise. Good picture selection.


  4. Very very sexy! I am very particular to crossdressing caps and this one definitely hit a sweet spot (the very first panel in particular!). The premise was set up well and I love the way you described his transformation! The vibrating toy up her butt was an especially kinky thrill. Plus the fact that his wife helped him transform into the maid he became was also very very appealing to me!

    I have to also agree with Jillisa about the threat part. I tend to favor willing participants more, but it was still a good ending to a great cap!

  5. Thanks Everybody!

    to Jillisa and Kendall. I can appreciate the comments about the threat portion of the cap. I guess it's just a matter of taste as I will almost always lean toward the unwilling/forced aspect. Even in a cap like this, where presenting himself as a sexy maid was willing, I still tend to take that 'last' step to be forced.