Friday, February 8, 2013

Perfect Weapon

Perfection isn't always what we want it to be

As I mentioned in "A Dish Best Served Cold" I've been working on a couple caps but couldn't seem to finish them off.  Thankfully making that quick cap seemed to break the dam and let me finish this little cap off for Raven over at the Haven.  I had this image selected and most of the cap written, but couldn't come up with a way to finish it off.  I actually had all of it written except for the last line of the third paragraph and the fourth paragraph.

So this morning I brought it back up and double checked Raven's preferences.  To be honest, I was moving toward making this a more submissive story... but upon reading that Raven has personalities for both submissive and dominant, I realized that I could bend this either way.  So with a more dominant mindset I started/continued writing.

I'm not sure if the story flows perfectly well... I have hints in the earlier portions that lean more toward unwilling and submissive.  But then again this could be seen as the point where 'Raven Jean' starts coming out of her shell, allowing her to become the truly perfect weapon.

Design wise I was a little stuck.  I had imagined the text overlaying the image like I did in "A Dish Best Served Cold" with the text sitting in the lower left corner.  But I had also intended it to be two paragraphs long (maybe three short paragraphs).  That would have let it sit there and only cover up her arm and his leg... but with this length I saw that it was going to cover up more... and I really wanted her breast to be seen (it is a lovely breast!).  So I moved on to the 'titled image' style and started to work.  My first swing was still having the text at the bottom left, and I actually got quite far into that.  Far enough to save it and post it here:

At first glance, this is ok... I actually like how her nipple peeks out from under the text box.  But it leaves two huge negative spaces in the upper left and the lower right.  I like the camo background, but not THAT much.  So it was just a matter of resizing the text box (and doing some minor edits to even out the last lines of the paragraphs) and redrawing the text box.  With the text monopolizing the negative spaces on the left, it only made sense that I use the remaining negative space for the title... so it moved to the lower right corner even though I generally prefer the titles to be at the top.

Overall I'm happy with the cap and think Raven will like it as well.   And of course I hope that you get some enjoyment out of it as well!


  1. Oh my God! That is so hot Caitlyn! I love it!



  2. Oofph! Pardon me while I wipe the sweat from my brow! Talk about hot! I have a very particular liking to seduction being used as a "weapon" or feminine charms prevailing over male strenghts and this one did better than hit the nail on the head, I would said it completely smashed it! I loved the idea and I loved the way you described just how she seduced them. Absolutely love it! Great job!