Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Perfect Lady" or "The Will of Beauty"

A guest cap from Mistress Simone (YAY!)

Now I know what you are all thinking...

"DAMN!  I didn't know Caitlyn could make a cap that looks this lovely and pair it with a story that is so seductive and amazing!"  

Well.. you're right.  This cap is from Mistress Simone.  She's had some recent issues over at her blog, and wasn't comfortable posting to it.  But while I was working on "Zoom Out" she was online and working on this beautiful cap.  We were chatting back and forth and finished right about the same time.  Once I was done, I went and published my cap to the Haven and then here.  But Simone didn't know where she wanted to post this work of art.  So naturally... I offered to host it. 

Thankfully she agreed, and now you all get to view one of her wonderful caps here.  She even sent a message to post along with it, so without further adieu, here is Mistress Simone in her own words:

Hello my darlings!

Most of you know I ran into some issues with my blog.  While I am working on captions again, I still don’t feel comfortable posting to my blog.  However, I did want you all to know that I’m still around.   Caitlyn has been kind enough to post this caption and message for me and for that I’m very thankful.  I’ll be more active shortly, but thank you for the kind words of support.

Miss Simone

Now I don't normally ask for comments... but I want you all to send Mistress Simone a kind word about her cap.  I know she'd love to hear from all of you!


  1. Perfection is hard to obtain, but this cap captures the essence of wanting to strive... wanting to capture that perfect feeling of femininity and having to struggle to do it. Of constantly having to check your make up and embrace the ideals you seek to achieve. I loved it.

    I would say like all Simone's caps it's beautifully written and so elegant in it's execution. I've missed her!


  2. If anyone can achieve near perfection thats Simone's works. And I can truly say I enjoyed every word and every part of this lovely crafted story. Reading her caps brings me a nice stimulation to read more of her and write! I hope one day I can achieve this level. Once again truly enjoyed.

    May Simone recovers her place in blogger soon and we can enjoy more of her works...

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Her. Who I wish I could be. Her. so pretty. So demure. so submissive. And yet a tigress in the bedroom. Perfection.

    Thank you Mistress Simone.



  4. She is quite the lady indeed! Nice cap! Love the clean and elegant look of the layout! It certainly adds an additional tasteful element to the cap! Very nice Mistress Simone!

  5. Glad to see you're still capping, Simone. This is yet another beautiful installment in your already impressive catalog, both in terms of the design and the way the story unfolded. I hope to be seeing more your work again soon.

  6. I am a huge fan of Simone's work, and this one does NOT disappoint :)

    Firstly, as always, image selection... This is near and dear to my heart, and an area where Simone excels. The flawless, almost doll-like perfection of the source model make the text just that more believable...

    One of the biggest compliments I believe you can give any capper is that the text feels like it BELONGS to the pic. Such is the case here. It feels like the text explains and expounds upon the pic, not adds separately too it.


    I cannot wait until you get back to you old self... We need more like these :)

  7. I love the caption! The picture and the slide into submission push my buttons!

    There are two typos, though. One, "completion" should be "complexion" in the first line. Two, "It's power had taken..." shouldn't have an apostrophe in "Its".

    But those are the only flaws I see in an otherwise delightful caption!