Friday, October 28, 2016

D+X Alternative Perspective

It's all about perspective!

God I love going down on her. They say it should be demeaning and belittling.  But seeing that look of ecstasy on her face and knowing that I put it there with nothing more than my tongue… no this is elevating and empowering.  I wonder if it’s the same for women.  I wonder if they look at oral as a sign of submission or a sign of love and pleasure.  I guess I’ll never know, but for now I’m just going to give her all the pleasure I can with my mouth and let her enjoy it. 

Wait… what’s this… I feel different… is that hair brushing over my shoulders… is my chest wiggling and jiggling… OH GOD

God I love doing down on him.  They say it should be embarrassing and distressing.  But seeing that look of joy on his face and knowing that I put it there with nothing more than my lips and tongue… no this is inspiring and amazing.  It’s the same for everybody.  It’s not about submitting or dominating, its all about affection and bliss.  Now that I know I’ll have to shout it from the rooftops.  I’ll have to let everybody know… but for now I’m just going to give him all the pleasure I can with my mouth and let him enjoy it.

source:  fuskator

So I'm trying to post a few obscura's this week relating to my favorite role playing place; the D+X Institute.  I'm going to take quite a bit of liberty with these obscuras, but they will all be based on things that really happen at D+X. 

Alternative Perspective.  Playing a guy that's transformed into a sexy, willing, pleasure seeking and giving girl is amazing and fun and wonderful.  But you know, so is playing a guy that's tricked into being transformed into a submissive, sultry, slave girl.  And for that matter, playing a guy who gets to play with all these sexy, willing, pleasure seeking girls and all the submissive, sultry, slave girls is pretty sweet too.  

And that is all possible at D+X.  I'm not saying that they're each individually possible... they're all possible at the same time!  Most people at D+X are playing one character.  They're living out their fantasy and jumping in with both feet.  But there are plenty, myself included, that play multiple fantasies.  That play multiple characters.  It's called an alternative character, or an alt for short.  I started as Caitlyn, but eventually I wanted to play something different.  There was no way I was going to retire Caitlyn as she's 'me' in the D+X universe, so I started another character.  He was almost the opposite of Caitlyn.  Caitlyn is kindhearted, loving, a bit naive, and earnest.  He was power hungry, dominating, a bit cruel, and insincere.  

Later, when Caitlyn became Miss Caitlyn and was invested in playing the Staff Game, I realized I missed playing the Girl Game.  So I started another character.  Yes, at one point I was playing three different characters.  But that's the point of this write-up... D+X wants you to live out your fantasy, even if you have several different fantasies.  

Have you ever had a fantasy of being changed into a girl and being a guy taking advantage of guys changed into girls ?  Well they're just a couple of the many MANY fantasies you can live out at D+X.  Come on over and set up an account or read more about playing at D+X here!

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