Monday, October 24, 2016

D+X Lip Service for Him

Some girls find this more fun that Lip Service for Her!

Now Carol Anne, don’t get cold feet now.  You can do this girl.  See how his cock throbs as I hold it down here.  Your grip is so very important to a successful blow job.  Too tight and your customer will get uncomfortable, too light and he’ll pull right out of your grasp if he cums too early. 

Come on Carol, there’s no reason to be scared, it’s just a cock.  It’s not all that different than the dildo that we practiced on in the classroom.  All of the techniques you learned there will apply here.  See how you can feel his pulse by keeping your hand on his thigh?  See how his breathing quickens as you blow lightly on it?  Trust me it will feel the same as you wrap your lips around it.  It will feel the same as you lick it up and down.  It will feel the same as you kiss it just under the head where you learned it was so SO sensitive. 

If you can’t remember what to do, just do like the girls did when they gave you blow jobs.  That’s the advantage here and why our PS girls are better than any other whores or prostitutes the world around…. You were once a guy and you know what it feels like to get a blow job.  OH, and don’t worry about taking him into your throat.  That will be covered in Lip Service for Him 201 next semester!

source:  fuskator

So I'm trying to post a few obscura's this week relating to my favorite role playing place; the D+X Institute.  I'm going to take quite a bit of liberty with these obscuras, but they will all be based on things that really happen at D+X. 

Lip Service for Him.   This is the name of an actual class in the Personal Services department at D+X.  As you can imagine, the Personal Services department is all about prepping our new girls to become the best prostitutes, street walkers, call girls, and whores that they can be.  Other fun classes in PS include Anal Play, Dirty Talk, Erotic Dance, Fetish Wear, Intercourse, Cumshots, Modeling, Sex Toys, and Tribadism.  

Now if you're like me and don't want to simply dive and and go all sex all the time, you might fear missing out on some of these fun classes.  Well don't worry, all departments encourage girls to take classes from other departments.  As an OS girl graduate I ended up taking 21 core classes, 20 OS classes, 11 PS classes, and 8 classes in the other departments.  Yeah... I ended up being a little slutty! But then again it was a progression for my character.  I didn't take my first PS class until I was working on Level 5 and had taken 28 other classes!

My personal experience with Lip Service for Him was as a late student.  I was a staff member and taking only a rare class so I was already fairly comfortable with the idea of giving blow jobs.  But some girls like to take this early... they make it that crossing the rubicon moment where they finally accept being a girl.  Some take it as a 'forced' class while others eagerly sign up for it as soon as they can.  

Have you ever had a fantasy of being changed into a girl and taking a class on giving blow jobs?  Well it's just one of the many MANY fantasies you can live out at D+X.  Come on over and set up an account or read more about playing at D+X here!

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