Saturday, October 22, 2016

Everything a man could want

I wanted it.... he got it.

I had almost everything a man could want.  A corner office, a luxury German car, a condo in an exclusive building, finely tailored clothes, invites to the best parties.  So what if I was five foot two and skinny?  So what if I wasn’t the hot woman’s first choice?  So what if I occasionally had to pay for sex?  That might be enough for some people… hell it might be enough for most people, but it wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted everything.  I wanted the whole package. 

So I bought the idol and put it in my office.  It was simple really.  It would take the masculinity from a target and slowly focus into me.  The old hag said it would be subtle at first but that once it started no one would be able to stop it.  When Chad the mail boy dropped off that letter I knew I had the right guy.  He didn’t deserve his fit body or his cocky attitude.  Oh sure, he worked out and ate the right diet, but he was a schmuck.  He drove a 20-year-old pickup truck.  He bought his clothes at JC Penny and even then, only when it was on sale.  He shared a rent controlled apartment with two other lackeys and he spent most Saturday nights down at the local bar. 

It took a week for me to notice it working.  I noticed Chad would linger in my office whenever he had a chance.  He didn’t even seem to know why and just kept making lame excuses like talking to me about some local sports team.  Whenever he was near though, I could feel the energy inside of me.  I felt younger.  I noticed my thin hair growing thicker.  I noticed my skin growing clearer.  His attitude changed too.  He seemed more hesitant near me.  More quiet spoken.   So when he mentioned that he was getting evicted from his two bit apartment and needed to find a new place I offered him a room.   If I could get this much from him in just the hours I had him in my office, just imagine what I could get living with him. 

He took the bait hook, line, and sinker.   Within a week of him moving in I had lost 10 pounds, all of it fat. I just knew that my body was getting ready for it’s muscles.  It was almost like a second puberty.  My voice even started to break.  Sure, it was a little embarrassing at the office but I had built up plenty of vacation time and just stayed home. 

Just when I noticed my pecs starting to grow Chad told me he had found a new place.  I’d grown addicted to these changes and couldn’t go back to the slow pace at the office, so I convinced him to stay.  I was home all the time already so washing his clothes and cooking his meals seemed like only a minor inconvenience.  I even let him invite his friends over and let them raid my liquor cabinet.  I kind of lost track of the conversation when they started talking about the playoffs so I just tidied up and made sure his buddy’s felt welcome. 

When I noticed my bodyhair falling out I grew a little worried.  The worry felt foolish when I found out that Chad shaved his hair away.  I guess masculinity nowadays included smooth skin and I was going to get that without the need to shave.  Chad on the other hand had to regularly shave and it was taking him longer and longer to get it all done.  Helping him out only made sense.  It gave me the opportunity to see his body up close and see what my future held.  He was losing so much confidence that he didn’t even mind me lathering him up in the shower.  I was blown away by his thick uncircumcised cock and took my time shaving all of his pubic hair away.  It was funny when he started to grow hard… I mean getting a boner from a guy shaving you?  Come on dude!

I appreciated that he was keeping fit.  I assumed that the more masculine he kept his body, the more I’d get out of it.  When he said he needed to use the gym I offered up my office instead.  It cost me a small fortune but I got him all the exercise equipment he needed.  I actually got to use it myself, but only because my joints seemed to be tightening up.  While he bulked up on the bench press I’d put in my yoga video and do my stretching exercises.  One day when I saw him out of the corner of my eye I knew he noticed the changes… he couldn’t keep his eyes off my ass as I held my downward-facing dog. 

I saw through his ruse as soon as he brought that makeup kit home.  He said it might help me feel better about myself to look a little pretty.  My first instinct was to throw it out in the trash but I understood what he was doing.  He was seeing how much more rugged I was looking and couldn’t handle the competition.  If I threw it away he’d just end up leaving so to keep him around I started wearing makeup for him.  In for a penny, in for a pound right?  So I kept humoring him by wearing the jewelry and clothes he bought me.  Hell, a few weeks in drag was a small price to pay for a lifetime of alpha dog masculinity right?  When I saw that he was embarrassed by how little he could spend on me I gave him access to my accounts. 

When he stopped getting dates I started offering him company at home.  I’d pick out some romantic comedy, pop some popcorn, and we’d sit on the couch together.  Hell, he seemed almost eager each weekend for our dates as he called them.  Sure I’d let him put his arm around me and rest my head on his shoulder, but that was just to quicken the effect from the idol.  Close contact would certainly help things move along. 

The fist problem I noticed was that my body was changing fast… but not in any sensible way.  I could tell I was going to end up quite bit, but my pecs were growing faster than anything.  Until my body grew out to accommodate them I had to wear a bra.  Chad saw that and started buying those Fredrick’s of Hollywood push up ones.  And yeah… they did look like tits when they were all pushed together and up like that.  And my voice… it seemed to have stopped changing when it was in a higher register.  I just stopped correcting Chad’s friends when they called me ‘miss’ on the phone. 

The second problem I noticed was Chad… he didn’t seem to be losing any masculinity at all.  At first I just chalked that up to his increasing work outs.   But each morning as we showered together and I shaved and washed his body I could see that his muscles kept growing and getting bigger.  Even his cock was getting thicker and longer.   I’d even stroke him with the washcloth to get a full measurement.  We both laughed that time that he actually came on my chest.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was and I took it in stride when he bought me a ‘pearl necklace’ that night. 

And then there was my hair.  At first having thick full hair was great, but it grew so damned fast.  I got sick and tired of the guys giggling at the barber shop so I just let it grow out… but it was halfway down my back by that fateful afternoon. 

It all came crashing together on one of our dates.  It was sweltering outside and I didn’t want to get up and close the widows, so instead I just took off my shirt and bra and tossed them aside.  I thought Chad just wanted to copy me when he pulled his shirt off too.  I had been up since early in the morning cleaning the condo so I snuggled up next to Chad and fell asleep with my head over his heart.  When I woke up I thought I felt his heart beating against my cheek.  I thought it would be funny if I turned and gave him a peck on his pec but when my lips brushed against his cock I froze.  While I was waiting for Chad to freak out I felt his hand brush into my hair.  Only when he told me that he was ‘ready whenever I was to take the next step’ did it all come together. 

For a brief moment, it all became clear.  I had no idea how I’d been fooling myself.  I didn’t have pecs, I had breasts.  I didn’t look silly in the makeup; I looked sexy.  My voice wasn’t unnaturally high pitched; it was seductively feminine.   Chad never looked at my body with jealousy; he looked at it in lust.  And worst of all, I wasn’t fooling him in the least; I was growing submissive and feminine in attitude as well as body. 

With frustrated humiliated tears running down my cheeks I got off of his lap and rushed into the bedroom.  I stripped off what I had seen as sweatpants and briefs before and saw that they were really stretch tights and panties.  And when I looked in the mirror I saw that my body really was smaller, thinner, curvier, and completely feminine.  How had I missed my cock shrinking to almost nothing?

Chad strided into the room and stood behind me.  I gasped as I saw that he was at least three inches taller than I’d noticed before and I must have shrunk a full three inches myself.  He towered over me.  When he slipped his arms around me and cupped my breasts I let out a gasp as spikes of pleasure shot through my hardening nipples.  And that gasp sounded so sultry and so wanton.   I couldn’t put up a bit of resistance as he guided me over to sit on the bed.  His voice was so commanding and confident that I couldn’t even disobey.  He told me to pull down his pants and underwear.  As I did that he reached around my head and pulled the hair from my pretty face. 

I felt ripples of traitorous pleasure flow through me as he told me how he loved me and fully supported me transferring to womanhood.  When he told me that he’d already scheduled an appointment with a surgeon to take care of my ‘little clitty’ I let out what I thought would be a groan of frustration but instead came out as a sultry moan.  As he pulled my head closer and told me that he’d help me past my nervousness of giving head I knew I couldn’t fight him.  My body was already submitting to this masculine alpha God of a man.  I knew that I was almost everything a man could want and that Chad was satisfied with that… he saw me as the full package. 


  1. Love this one, Men! self assembly furniture, DVD players, magic idols. they never read the instructions,