Saturday, October 29, 2016

D+X Growing and Learning

There's always something more to learn

Just… Wow.  That look on Capri’s face brings back memories.   Do you see it Sean?  See that deer in the headlights look?  I remember feeling almost the exact same thing.  She can barely get her head around being transformed into a curvy blonde girl, and now she’s seeing being stripped down in front of a real man while watching another girl go down on him…. I bet she’s wondering if she’s going to go next.  If she’s going to have to do the unfathomable.  If she’s going to have to give a blowjob like all the girls used to give to her. 

Speaking of felatio… how’s Missie doing?  Yeah, she does look like she’s very enthusiastic.  I can’t blame her.  After taking Lip Service for Him and learning to give oral to a man I couldn’t wait to try it out again and again.   I’m sure she’ll calm down after giving a couple dozen blowjobs.  I mean, yeah I’m still excited when I give you head but I can take my time and let us both enjoy it. 

What’s that?  Well I guess I can see that.  It’s like having three versions of me at the same time.  The scared new girl that is still struggling against her transformation.  The eager experienced girl that’s just getting used to getting pleasure from giving it.  And the confidant woman who’s completely comfortable in her skin and willing to help all the other girls through their many many transformations. 

source:  fuskator 

So I'm trying to post a few obscura's this week relating to my favorite role playing place; the D+X Institute.  I'm going to take quite a bit of liberty with these obscuras, but they will all be based on things that really happen at D+X. 

Growing and Learning.  Over the past week I've talked a lot about what it's like to play at D+X.  About being transformed, about taking classes, about working, about special events, about making friends, and about playing multiple characters.  I think I may have called each of these the 'best thing' about D+X, but this 'best thing' goes a little beyond playing at D+X.   

You see, one of the 'best things' about D+X is that it encourages personal growth.  When I came to D+X I was fairly comfortable playing around as my 'Caitlyn' persona.  I was making caps and really exploring and enjoying some TG fantasies as I had never allowed myself.  I thought D+X would just be another way to explore those things, but it turned out to be a way for me to grow and not only accept this side of me but to embrace it and love it.  Some of that came through the play.  Putting myself in that position and seeing how I would deal with it.  And for the first few months that was almost always some variation on the whole 'OH MY GOD I'M A GIRL!'.    But I grew past that.  I not only grew past the surprise of being a girl, I grew past being concerned about being a girl.  The exploration at that point was more about living a full life.  What made me happy?  What made me sad?  What makes me laugh out loud and what makes me cry.  

There are dozens of small ways I could demonstrate that growth and the way it's changed my perspective, but I think the best and most poignant way is this... I fell in love. I had girlfriends at D+X before, but that was in character.  Out of character we were just good friends.  Now?  Now I have a boyfriend.  I have a lover.  And it's in character and out of character.  This was never a fantasy of mine.  I never thought of myself being a woman and falling in love with a man.  I always thought of feminization as a broader play on humiliation and embarrassment.  About power and having it stripped away.  About submission and domination.   But this relationship isn't about any of that.  It's about loving him and him loving me.  

Making caps, reading TG blogs, and participating at Rachel's Haven changed me from being embarrassed about my own fetishes to embracing them.  And boy did I ever embrace them.  I got so comfortable I could talk about how the thought of kneeling down and sucking cock turned me on.  How the degradation of that act was a big part of the turn on.  I did that at the Haven and I did that on my own blog.  I did it out in public.  And that's a lot of personal growth.  But I don't think that I could have achieved the comfort in saying I like the thought of kneeling down and orally pleasuring the man I love, without D+X there to help me achieve that growth.  

So yes, there are a lot of 'best things' about D+X.  But for me, the best thing ever will be that D+X has helped me grow as a woman and as a person.  

Have you ever had a fantasy of being changed into a girl and learning more about yourself?  Well it's just one of the many MANY fantasies you can live out at D+X.  Come on over and set up an account or read more about playing at D+X here!

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