Saturday, October 15, 2016

Game Day

Saturday is ALWAYS Game Day!

A lot has changed since I lost that bet.  I didn’t figure on you really wanting to change me to your girlfriend, but between my honoring our bet and your use of vicious blackmail, here I am.  My hair streams down my back, my Adam’s apple has been shaved down, my breasts are coming in nicely, my body is smooth, overly sensitive, and curvy.  My ass is plump, juicy, and wholly accepting of your thick cock.  I’ve been trained to cook and clean, to do my nails and makeup, and to fuck and suck.  You’ve used me sexually countless times and even whored me out to some of your friends.  But one thing hasn’t changed.

Saturday is Game Day!

If I’m a good girl all week for you and don’t earn too many demerits I get to spend the day watching College Football.  Oh sure, your buddy’s still come over and get to fuck me while I watch but that’s not a problem.  Wait… what’s that… is Ole Miss going to beat Alabama… AGAIN!!!  Yeah yeah baby, you can cum in my ass, but did you SEE THAT CATCH!?

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