Sunday, October 2, 2016

Winning Costume

Winning at costs ends up costing a lot!

We were all sick and tired of being made fun of.   Our Star Wars Halloween costumes were just as good as anybody else’s.  Well… at least as good as anybody else that made them from free stuff available around their dorm rooms.  Of COURSE they didn’t look as good as people who paid hundreds of dollars for their costumes, but that was part of the fun.  Well after three years of ridicule we figured we’d surprise everybody by having the best damned costume that money could buy. 

We started saving when we all went home for the summer and by the time October came around we had almost three grand.   Now we could have probably gotten a costume for each of us with that much scratch but we really wanted to wow people… so for $2987 we bought a full bodysuit.  Unfortunately, the website was a little vague and when we purchased the ‘Red and Black Sith Lord including Full Makeup, Contacts, Headpiece and Leather Outfit’ we just assumed it was going to be Darth Maul. 

Instead of the famous red and black male Dathomirian, this was a red and black voluptuous female Twi’lek.  And with only a few dollars between us and a few days before the frat costume party we didn’t have the resources to correct this error.  So we all tried on the costume.  As the smallest one of our group, no one was surprised when I was the only one that could squeeze into the tight body suit.

While my buddies were busy being impressed with how realistic the skin looked and how impressive it was at changing my voice, I was focused on more personal concerns.  Like how crotch of the suit seemed to keep my penis tucked away and soft while at the same time seemed to pulse and vibrate in an entirely arousing and erotic manner.  When we found the remote I was shocked to realize that the vibrations and pulses were at the lowest settings.  And like how I swear I could feel every touch and pinch of the suit from them as if they were touching my own skin.  I swear when George came over and playfully pinched the nipples on the suit it sent such a shock of pleasure through me that I almost came right then and there.   

The night of the party the guys all agreed that admitting to buying a suit and dressing up in it wasn’t nearly as cool as acting like we made it ourselves.  So they decided that they’d tell everybody that I was sick at home and that we all made this costume for our ‘friend’ Suzy.  While my job was to simply parade around the party, showing off the costume and acting like a clueless bimbo, the guys all got to talk about how they made it.  George went on and on about how he got the ‘body paint’ and helped apply it to my entire body.  Robert made up an elaborate lie about taking ‘Suzy’ to all the local fetish shops to get the half bra, gloves, thigh high boots, and the rest of the costume.  John spun a tale of using the 3D printers in the science lab to make my headpiece. 

If that was the limit of their stories I might have felt OK about it.  But I had to sit back and giggle like an air headed slut as they embellished each story to make them sound sexual.  George told all the guests he could about how hard it was to paint my breasts and pussy and how he ended up with a completely red cock.  Robert not only spun the tale of dressing me over and over in sexy costumes, but how I made him buy and even use a bunch of bondage gear on me.  And John…. he insisted that I demonstrate how I had to kneel in front of him while he fitted the headgear on to me.  Of course his story included me giving him a blowjob while he held it in place.  The story probably sounded a lot more realistic as John bumping his knee into my overly sensitive nipples making me gasp and moan at all the right parts of the story. 

Finally, the moment came… the costume contest.  I should have been furious that we didn’t win outright, but then again the frat president wasn’t exactly going to ever lose this competition.  Everybody seemed to really think he was dressed as a Sith Lord even though his costume looked more like a GWAR reject.   They even made us pose and take photos which they later added light saber effects to. 

When the party was finally winding down and the guys came over to me I immediately suspected something.  They just looked guilty.   They explained that the frat president was really impressed with the costume but even more impressed with me.  So when he offered all of them immediate entrance into the frat for a simple trade, they agreed.  They agreed to trading a night with me as his sexy horny fetsh bondage cosplay whore… for frat membership.

Before I could even protest Robert stepped close to me and flicked his thumbs across my nipples, momentarily changing my cross words into a soulful moan.  He whispered into my ear that they had already agreed to this and that I had a simple choice… one night of humiliating sex that would gain me access to a life altering frat, or admitting to everybody that it was really me parading around the party giggling and flirting and acting like a girl. 

I guess John was the one that saw my answer behind my yellow contacts because as I turned around to face the GWAR reject and tell him what was going on John pulled out the remote and cranked the suit up to full.  My eyes must have rolled back in my head for a moment as the suit seemed to hit every erogenous part of my body at the same time.  My nipples felt like a thousand fingers were flicking across them, my skin felt like a thousand hands were caressing over it, and my pulled back cock felt like a mouth enveloped it and started sucking.  All that came out of my mouth was a long sexy feminine gasp and moan.

I barely noticed John put the remote in his pocket without turning down the settings just as the frat president spun me around and started ripping my clothes off.  All I could do was continue to moan and buck against him as I felt his cock start sliding around my fake pussy.   Even my hopes of him finding out that he couldn’t penetrate me were dashed as George turned around and shouted out “Oh hey, Suzys on her rag so don’t fuck her there.  Just use her ass and mouth as much as you’d like!”

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  1. A cool story well there be a part two revenge of the Sith ?