Tuesday, October 25, 2016

D+X Transformation

Transformation is kind of important at D+X!

OK Asha, we’re almost done. You’ve been fitted with your breast forms and the neural net work is connecting them to your skin so that you can feel every bounce of breast and pinch of nipple.   You’ve had your FFF or Faux Femme Front installed forever hiding away your penis and making sure you are in innie down there instead of an outie.  You’ve had the Electrostatic Shape Processor or ‘Saran Wrap’ used on you and now are a curvy 32-22-30.  You’ve had the facial re-molding mask applied to you and now have the facial feature of a sexy feminine runway model.  In short, beyond a blood test or medical procedure you are a woman in every way that we can make you. 

Now we have just one step before we fit you for your bra and get you dressed.  April can you slide over the stretcher?  No dear, not the rolling bed, the STRETCHER.  No no no… not the big rubber band…. I apologize Asha, April here is such a cute bimbo, but sometimes that makes it difficult to give out the easiest of instructions.   Now April I mean the big black plastic penis attached to the big machine.  That’s a girl! 

Asha, you are SO going to enjoy this.  First we’ll use the stretcher to stretch out your new FFF and make sure you can feel every bump, vein, and thrust from a cock and then we’ll use it on your vocal chords!  I bet you can’t wait!!

source:  fuskator

So I'm trying to post a few obscura's this week relating to my favorite role playing place; the D+X Institute.  I'm going to take quite a bit of liberty with these obscuras, but they will all be based on things that really happen at D+X. 

Transformation.   It wouldn't be much of a TG fantasy without a transformation now would it?  The transformation is part of the arrival process at D+X and while the majority of the transformation process is standardized, the story revolving around the transformation is unique to every single person.  Some randomly find the Institute while looking for a job.  Some are sent to the Institute as a punishment.   Some have been searching for the Institute for years as they're the only people that can really transform a man into his true feminine form.   You see, you get to make up that part of the story.  

But it's not a 'story' in the truest sense of the word.  You could write your own transformation story, but that's tedious and not very satisfying (at least to the non-authors amongst us!).  No, what's really satisfying is setting up why you came to the Institute and then just playing yourself while someone else guide you through the process.  Now the Transformation it'self uses a firmly established set of technologies.  That way almost every single person goes through the same experience.  Advanced breast forms are permanently attached to your chest, a morphing sheet is used to change the general shape of your body into the curves of a woman, an industrial strength depilatory is used to remove all hair permanently from your body below your eyebrows, a kind of pussy form called an FFF is attached between your legs and an advanced neural network ties the breasts and FFF to your skin so that you feel and experience these prosthetic like they were your real body.  

But there's plenty of variation in the arrival process.  You can grow shorter or taller.  You can change race and skin color.  You can have mental manipulations done and even hypnotic suggestions implanted.  Whatever you want can almost always be accommodated.  The arrival and the transformation inside the arrival is the way that you establish the new you. During your arrival you are only allowed to participate in the one thread.. that's to make sure everybody goes through the same transformation and especially helps new role players get used to the process of posting and proper role playing etiquette.  After the arrival thread, there is an established order of your next threads, but you can start taking several threads at once.  There's even a term coined for taking several classes at the same time... D+X Time.  In D+X Time something didn't happen until the thread is over.  That can lead to some fun and odd circumstances.... for instance I have my 'first' blow job to two different people because it happened in two separate threads.  Both threads started off with me saying something like "No, I haven't ever performed fellatio before" and at the time it was true.  

Just one of the many fun things that will happen after the Arrival and the Transformation!

Have you ever had a fantasy of being physically transformed into a girl?  Well it's just one of the many MANY fantasies you can live out at D+X.  Come on over and set up an account or read more about playing at D+X here!

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  1. d+x looks like a great site. don't know when i get time to play it but think i shall give it a go.
    "get me the stretcher" Very good. i had a chuckle at that one.