Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love Hate

Something quick, simple and sexy as all get out.

This cap surprised me.  I'm working on another lyric style cap that currently has me vexed.  I won't got into those details as I'll try to explain when I finish and post that cap.  But I find myself searching and searching for images that will work for it (yeah yeah yeah... I wrote a story before finding images), and come across this pretty lady.  She didn't work for the cap I'm working on, but she did speak to me..

I didn't get a story from looking at it, just a single line.  "Calvin Hated the stares he got, but Caitlyn just Loved her bike seat!"  I knew I could cap that in no time.   But when I pulled it into Photoshop the text just didn't look right.  And I found myself wondering to much about what happened.  When I added more, I tried to keep it short and quick.  I didn't want to get sucked into a story, and wanted to leave the reader with a chuckle.  Once I had some, I realized that it would be a nice play if I made the text almost mirrors.  Making each statement for Calvin and Caitlyn just about equal length.

Boom.  I liked it.  I played a bit with the background, but I wanted it to match the simplicity of the story, and the layout.  Even the title only got a little flair.  This may never go down as my magnum opus, but I certainly like it!

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  1. Can I get a ride? I love riding on curvy mountain.. roads... ~_^

    That! Is one of the sexist pictures I've seen all day! heck, it's one of the sexiest picture I've ever seen!