Monday, January 30, 2012

What Nichole Wants

Does cheating ever work out in a cap?

A fun quicky that I made up this morning.  I had a vague idea yesterday about a guy cheating on his wife, not realizing that he ended up in the bed of her lesbian lover.   Together his wife and her lover make him over using hypnosis, making him think that he wanted this to happen to himself.

It wasn't much of an idea, but it stuck with me.  I probably would have made it yesterday, but I was just to tired, and couldn't string to sentences together.  Sadly by the time I started on this today, most of the little details were gone.  I just don't remember them.  So for me, this is a ghost of a story.

I'm still happy with it, and I love the image I found, but its just not the story that I intended.  Anywho... it did get my creative juices flowing.  I'll probably be making at least one more cap today.


  1. Cool story idea and the layout looks great. Nice caption.

  2. Lovely story... Matches the pic and her expression nicely... I'm sorry that some of the details escape you... It happens to me often... I forget until it's already posted... Can't find "room" to fit all the details in, or just plain never remember... The story you created is wonderful and the tone of the pic and the colors is a nice contrast to the pretty "dark" story ;)