Friday, January 27, 2012

Kissing Lessons

Sissy kisses are the best kisses!

Just a fun piece of fluff.  After making smitty's "Stealing Masculinity", I went back to fuskator to look at some of the other images.  Again there were plenty of beautiful images, but not many inspired a story.   Until I came to these.  The set of images involved two sets of twins dressed up in cowboy gear making out.  But these two images where the girls were down to their tights reminded me of a story I recently read on fictionmania (I just hopped over there to find it, but couldn't duplicate my steps).

The story was of a guy tricked into enroling into a sissy school.  The freshmen all wear one color, while the sophmores, juniors and seniors all wear different colors.  While I was reading the story I thought that might be a fun universe to use.  So when these images showed up, I went ahead and threw it into my own Mietje Jongen University (made originally in the cap "Mietje Jongen"). I didn't want it to be overly complex, but I did want to use the two images.  Seeing as I only had a single paragraph for each panel, the layout was pretty set.  The second panel had part of a logo left over, and I wanted the text box to cover it up.  Seeing as I had the text box in the lower left on the second panel, I went ahead and followed that design in the first panel.

For what this is... fun fluff... I think its pretty good.  Simple story, simple images, and simple background.  Nothing new, but hopefully something fun!

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