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[Question] Why can't I get the picture to full size?

Couldn't you just lick it?
why can't i get the picture to full size

Its been awhile since I've had a question.  Long enough that I actually had to check a previous question post just to see how I formatted it!  I did recieve a couple questions last month, but they were both "Type in your Question here!"... which means someone simply hit the 'Submit' button without typing anything in.  Trust me ladies, I would love nothing more than for you to submit to me... but it requires a little more effort on your part!

Anywho... onto the question.  I assume that you are trying to get the caps and pictures posted in them to be full size.  As I'm not sure why you can't get them full size, I'll walk you through the process.  If this still doesn't work for you, you'll have to let me know where your path diverges from mine.

Starting from the main page of the blog, you have to click into the post.  You can do this by either clicking on the post title, or the image of the cap:

Clicking either of those will pull you into the post.  Once there, you'll see two images of the cap.  Once smaller, just under the post title, and one larger underneath.  If you click on the smaller one, you will just reload the page, as it is a link to the post.  You have to click on the larger one:

Now Blogger has a built in effect that will pull the image up in a slide show style that looks like this:

This is a beautiful way to display images IF they fit.  Most of my caps, however, won't fit in the space provided.  So I used a work around (described here) so that when you click on the image you should get the full image.  The only problem, is that you have to have just a little patience.  If you click it as fast as you see it, then you'll still get the slideshow style presentation.  The frustrating part of this presentation though is that there isn't a way to get from here, to the full sized image. If you click on the image, it will simply cycle through to the next image in the post.  (Later in the post, I'll show you how to go around this on other blogs). On my internet connection, it takes about 2 seconds, but can take longer depending on your connection speed and the length of my post.  If you wait a few seconds before you click it, you'll be rewarded with a view similar to this:

This is a direct presentation of the jpg itself.  If your screen resolution is high enough (like mine is here), it will show the full image.  But if the image is bigger than your browser window it will be shrunk to fit.  I'll show that on one of my 'taller' caps, as this one fits fine in my window, and therefore isn't a good example:

This cap is 'taller' than my browser window.  When I clicked on its thumbnail it came up in this view, showing me the entire image.  to make it show full size, all you have to do is click the image again.  It then should look like this:

This is showing the image full size.  As its taller than my browser window, it adds the scroll bar to the side.  This is how I intend for my caps to be viewed.  When I'm designing it, I make sure the text is easy to read in this format.  If you view it any other way, the text may not be easily read.

So on my blog here (and several other blogs like mine) that is how to view the picture full size.  But there are other blogs out there, that haven't taken the steps that I did to let you click through to the full jpg.  If you find yourself at one of these blogs, all you have to do is right click on the image, and select "Open link in new tab" (in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer), or "Open Link in New Tab" (in Firefox).

Sadly, just now I think I realized why I got this question.  When I went into Internet Explorer to make sure I got the right wording, I found a problem.  It seems that when you (or least when I) click on a post in IE, I get a blank page.  I'm now assuming that the person that asked this question, is experiencing this.  Sadly, that means he won't be able to read this post.

Sooooo... Now that I've put about an hour into making this, I'm going to go ahead and put up this useless post, and look further into this.

UPDATE:  I went to the original site where I found the workaround, and they had posted an updated version of the script.  I put the script into my page, and using Internet Explorer, I can now view this post.   But strangely enough... ONLY this post.  Any other post starts to load, then goes to a complete blank white page.

Sooooo.... I'll keep working on this, and hopefully the person that asked the question, can view THIS post, and will consider moving to Google Chrome or Firefox.  Both are fine web browsers with nice privacy features.  If I had to recomend one, I'd go with what I use for 90% of my browsing experience, and that's Chrome.  It is very fast, and does almost everything very well.

UPDATE:  A little more exploring, and I found that Blogger added an option to have the lightbox effect.  For any bloggers out there that want to simply disable the lightbox effect, you can go into your dashboard, click on 'Settings', click on 'Posts and Comments', and select 'No' in the dropdown box next to 'Showcase images with Lightbox'.

Once I clicked on that and saved the setting, I also removed the script.  In both Chrome and Firefox, the blog runs smoothly.   Sadly, in IE I am still getting the blank page on every post except for this one.  I'm going to let this sit for a couple hours, and see if removing the script and opting out of the Lightbox effect, takes some time to really get into gear.  If the script isn't/wasn't causing the problem, then I might be in trouble.

UPDATE:  I figured out this problem.  Its big (and frustrating enough) to warrant its own post.

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  1. I'll take care of that in my blog as well at some point this weekend. Didn't realize it was such a problem for IE people, though it doesn't surprise me.

    When I took my web design courses, we always had to make sure the pages looked presentable in IE, since its considered the crappiest web browser in the industry.