Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lessons on how to be an Alpha Male

Learning how to be an Alpha is hard work!

So after finishing up "Please Wake Up" and "Day Seventeen" I was still in the mood to cap.  And as I said before, I try never to ignore that feeling.  I also remembered that I had started a cap for realfield.  After the 'Keeping it Real' week on her blog, I felt that I should make up for the less than stellar cap I made for her before ("Read the Instructions First").  Not just that, but she had also turned me on to the idea of Alpha Males. I had read stories involving the concept before... but they honestly didn't do much to me.

Now the only thing I had done to 'start' this cap was find this image, and have the vague idea of a guy who thinks he is good at picking up girls confronting an Alpha male and demanding to know his secret.

So I pulled up the image, and started laying out the design.  I started here as I wasn't sure how long this rush of capping would last, and I didn't want to over or under write it.  I figured I could fill the three corners with text with three longish paragraphs.  So I cleared out Word and started writing.  I liked what I had written, and plugged it into the design.  I added the title, and background image... but something seemed wrong.

After looking at it for a bit, I realized that having the three corners filled made it very unbalanced.  It was top and bottom heavy.  Cutting the story down was a pain... I basically had to lose a third of the text.  But unlike my recent experiences, I wasn't married to the entire story.  I liked the beginning (since its the idea that got me going) and the ending (since it is basically describing the image).  So I had to cut the middle out.

Now this isn't as easy as just deleting the paragraph, as it did contain some themes that I wanted to keep.  So I pared down the first and last paragraphs, and shoehorned some of the ideas from the second paragraph in.

If you are curious, here is the original story:

I never should have asked.   But every time I targeted some hot babe to go after in the bar, there was James moving in on her.  With his body, charm, and confidence, I was never able to hold the woman's attention.  And frankly it was pissing me off.  So one night I walked up to James and asked him my secret.  He must have stared at me for a full five minutes.  And when he finally spoke, I was just thankful that he wasn't about to beat me to a pulp.  He said he would show me how he did it, but that I would have to do everything he said.  I could only nod, and he quickly grabbed my arm, shoved me into his sports car and drove me to his house.

He just said that the only way I could really understand what he was doing was to show me what the women experienced. The lessons took a long time.  I'm not sure if it was a month, or an entire season.  But each day we he would show me one of his secrets.  He showed me how wrapping his big arms around a woman made me feel warm and safe.  The next night he showed me how cupping a woman's face would convey his adoration for them.  Then how brushing his lips across theirs would get them excited.  How moving her hand to his chiseled chest showed her that he was truly and Alpha Male.

To get the most out of each lesson, I had to make some sacrifices.  I had go to the salon and get a makeover.  I had to grow my hair out.  I had to get implants.  I had to wear a corset to get my curves right.   Tonight was my last lesson.  As he pushed his cock into my new pussy, I finally understood it all.  I understood that I could never make a woman feel this way.  With James' hands on my curvy smooth ass I now knew that I would never be Steve the Alpha Male.  I would forever be Bunny, the Alpha Males lover.

About the only part I left out that I feel bad about is the list of early lessons.  No, its not needed, but I thought it added a bit of squirm factor.  Just imagine yourself going through those lessons... a big old Alpha Stud hugging you over and over.  Then a day of him cupping your face.  Then a day of him brushing his lips across yours.   Yea... you'd start to feel like a woman too!  

But I think the cap stands up better without the extra text, and I don't regret the cut. 


  1. Extremely sexy and well told tale. Man who becomes hot blonde getting cock is also a highlight ;) Well done Caitlyn

  2. the ironic thing about this, is even though its a sex scene, its really classy looking. I can get behind that, just like that alpha male is getting behind Bunny!

  3. Always enjoy a good alpha male story and this one is no exception! Very hot! I like the original draft, but I don't think it add's enough to the caption to warrant it's use.

    The ending is still just as hard hitting as it is in the longer version. Favorite part of the whole caption, is her cute new name!

  4. So loved this one at the Haven but reading about your whole process and then getting to read the deleted parts...so divine. Again thanks so much.