Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Please Wake Up

Simone helps those who help her!

Yesterday I was in a capping mood, but nothing good came from my efforts.  I ended up spending the day in front of the television enjoying my new Netflix streaming subscription and watching some football.

On a side note... Damn it Big Ten!  Why can't you win more than one game on your New Years Day Bowls!!!!

Anyway, I tried to go to bed early, and ended up reading for like 4 hours.  I woke up this morning tired, and figured this wouldn't be a good capping day.  But hey... I've had some recent luck capping when I'm not necessarily in the mood, so I fired up google images and hoped that I would be inspired.  I quickly found this image:

The first thought that came to mind was adding just a very little bit of text.  Something like "Wake up darling... your transformation is finished!"

It wouldn't be detailed at all, and I liked that idea.  But as I pulled it into Photoshop, my mind kept moving... it kept adding all those little delicious details that get my motor running.  After my experience with "Chauvinistic" however, I was afraid of writing to much.  I mean if I added even half of my ideas, I would need more pictures, and we all know how unlikely it is to find great image sets!

But lady luck was evidently smiling down on me, as I found just that.  I found nearly the entire set for this image.  So I let many of the ideas come out.  But as I was writing, I realized that I was writing this for someone.  Specifically for Mistress Simone.  I also realized that these ideas kind of fell into two categories;  Dark and Domineering, and Loving and Pleading.  After pausing a bit to read through them, I felt that I liked the Loving and Pleading ones better.  It was just more sensual.  So I took out the darker comments, and focused on the more loving ones.

About halfway through, I also realized that this could almost be two caps in one.  Yes, it was primarily about Simone getting transformed, and then repaying that kindness.  But obviously she is transforming somoene... so why not let that be another capper.  As this wouldn't be customized for this person in particular I just decided to use Dee.  I think maybe it was just the dark, moody gothic style that sent me in that direction.

Anyway, after I got the story done I started the design work.  I liked the story, so I figured a simple design would be good.  I picked out a background that would work figuring I would color it in to match the image later.  I then added the title and threw the outer glow effect with the same idea... that I would just change the color later.

But when I had the text, text boxes and glows all in, I realized I liked the starker background.  The only problem was that the images were so powerful that they didn't quite fit:

I felt that the image was far overpowering the story. So I started by making the image pure black and white:

It was closer to what I wanted, but now it felt a little cold.  Without any color, it had lost some of that sensual edge.  And almost every time I want to add sensuality to an image, I let if focus on a woman's lips.  So it was an easy choice to let the lips shine out in these images.

I think the finished product is exactly what I was aiming for (even if I didn't know it when I started).  I have to admit that I get such a high after playing with a a cap and coming up with something like this.  It wasn't exactly intentional, but I can't say it was accidental either.


  1. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
    Very powerful images :) I love the monologue style, and you muted the pics down enough so they didn't overshadow the text.. a difficult task.

    All in all, a VERY nice piece of work!

    Thank You!

  2. You did a great job and that's whats it counts!

    I think, that leaving the area in a colorful mode would have worked too, maybe taking out some bright and making the pearls stand out more with a new color... but thats just me!

    Amazing work Caitlyn!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. This should be studied as "How to do a caption". My dear you have created a masterful work of art and I can't believe how good it is. I'm honored you made this for me.