Friday, October 16, 2015

Alpha - Omega - beta

What role do you want to play?

When I saw Hailey I fell in love at first sight.  Her light blonde hair, her soft skin, her coy way of looking away and blushing… she was perfect.  We shared a table at the coffee shop that first day and it became our regular meeting spot.  We’d talk about the weather and our jobs and politics… every day stuff.  But eventually we got more personal.  I found out that her boyfriend Roger was a domineering ass hole.  That he commanded everything in her life.  Her hairstyle, her clothes, her job.  He was even making her go back to school… beauty school.  She has a Master’s degree in psychology and he’s making her go to freaking beauty school! 

I told her she should leave him but she said I just didn’t understand.  Eventually I got invited to their place for dinner.  He was just as she said.  So domineering, so strong and self-confident.  He didn’t even really order her around… he just said in a nonchalant way what he wanted and she jumped at the chance to make it happen.  After dinner while sitting in his palatial living room Roger mentioned he’d like his cock sucked.  Before I knew it, Hailey was kneeling before him and taking his cock deep into her mouth.  When Roger’s smiling eyes turned to me he simply said that Hailey would like her pussy licked.

My first instinct was to get up and leave.  That I wouldn’t help him humiliate this lovely girl… but something about Roger said that this wasn’t a request or random comment.  It was a command.  Soon enough I found myself kneeling behind Hailey and giving her my soft tongue. Comforting her really. 

I didn’t know it, but that’s when they started training me.  I spent almost all of my spare time with Roger and Hailey.  I helped Hailey cook and clean.   I helped her get dressed and even learned to help her put on her makeup.  I thought I was doing it for Hailey, but it gave me a thrill when Roger complimented me.  The changes in me were subtle at fist.  He had me go with Hailey to her exercise classes and even got me enrolled into her beauty program. 

After months of this Roger came right out and said that he wanted me to be their slutty companion.  I would be Hailey’s femmy boyfriend and eventually his slutty fucktoy.  It took every bit of my courage to refuse and if it had just been him, I might have made it out.  But Hailey took me back to her room and cried saying that she so wanted me to stay.  That she was happiest when I was with them.  I couldn’t refuse both of them.  I cried along with her when I said yes.

They started calling me Bailey that night.    Roger said this would be easier if I quit my job, so I did.  A week later Hailey told me that this would be easier if I moved in, so I did.  Roger let Hailey and I have intimate time together, but it was always under his direction.   He taught me how to use my lips and fingers to please Hailey.  He taught Hailey how to use toys to please me.  He directed her attention constantly to my nipples and butt, saying that I had to learn to receive pleasure without my clitty. 

I think it was Hailey that suggested I start using hormones.  Roger of course approved.  When I developed the same smooth skin as Hailey and my own small pert breasts, he signed me up for plastic surgery.   It made me oddly proud that the surgeon said he wouldn’t have to do much… shave my adam’s apple down, increase my bust size, give me ass and hip implants.  Nothing to my face as it was already pretty enough. 

After I recovered I was… beautiful.  Just like Hailey.  Our intimate time together was now spent teaching me how to please Roger.  And now finally three years after I met Hailey, I’m part of their family.  As Roger takes me for the first time and Hailey kneels next to me giving me encouragement, I realize we all have our roles.  Roger is the Alpha… the masculine, the powerful, the leader.   Hailey is the Omega… the feminine, the cunning, the second.  I am the beta… the femmy sissy, the submissive, the follower.  We couldn’t be happier!

source:  fuskator

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