Monday, October 26, 2015

Sharing The Curse

We didn't want to forget.

When I saw the woman’s hair change from a deep dark brown to a brilliant fiery red I was flabbergasted.  No one else seemed to notice, but I saw her dismay.  I pulled her aside and asked what had just happened.   Her story was as unbelievable as her sudden change… she told me she was cursed.   That she would change in physical appearance every year… that she would change everything about herself.  And while she would remember everything about her previous life, no one around her would.  She could find the love of her life, but within 12 months, he would forget he ever knew her.  

I would have thrown the idea out as the ravings of a mad woman… if I hadn’t witnessed her change.  We talked for a long time that day.  And the next.  And the next.  I wasn’t sure I could fully believe her story, but I started to fall in love with her.  We began to date and eventually moved in together.  I had almost forgotten her story until 11 months later she reminded me.  I absolutely didn’t want to lose her, so when she said that there might be a way to stay together, I jumped at the chance.  She said that she couldn’t ever break the curse, but through a simple ritual I could submit to it myself.  I would be committing myself to change every 12 months, but our changes would be together and we’d both retain our memories. 

There were candles and chanting.  There was incense and music.  There was moonlight and lovemaking.  Afterward the only outward change was a small tattoo on my lower back… just like hers.  For a month we acted like nothing had changed.  We lived, we loved, we moved on.   And then it happened.  I thought I had prepared myself for all possible outcomes.  I could grow into a hulking body builder.  I could shrink into a nerdy man child.  I could change into those two extremes or anything in between.   But when the change happened it was outside of my expectations.  My hair was that deep dark brown I had seen on her, but flowed down my back in soft curls.  My skin smoothed out and became soft and sensitive.  My hips widened and my chest grew two pert breasts. 

My shock was eased as she helped me dress.  She seemed so happy but my anxiety started to rise as she told me that changing genders was difficult.  She added that now that I was a girl that maybe next year she would turn back into a guy. 

source:  fuskator

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