Monday, October 19, 2015

No one will believe

I didn't even believe it!

Hearing the guys fawn over the photo in class was almost too much to bear.  For the life of me I don’t know if I want them to figure out that the ‘cute new girl’ they’re ogling is actually me.  It started out as a joke.  Julie and Sarah thought it would be fun to dress me up while we were on that camping trip. No one will know, they said.  It’ll just be us girls, they said.  Hey, before you judge me you try telling two cute girls no when they’re promising hot lesbian sex. 

Yeah, that’s what I thought.  So I did it.  I went into the river and shaved away my body hair.  I let them put makeup on me.  I wore that stupid wig.  I pranced around the camp in that skirt and halter top.  I even took the femmy name they gave me… Helena.  Maybe I wouldn’t have done it if I had known the ‘hot lesbian sex’ would be them taking turns straddling my face while the other fingerbanged my ‘pussy’.   

The only reason I agreed to the pictures was that we didn’t have a mirror.  I didn’t think I could be half as cute as they said I was.  They didn’t let me see the photo and wanted to put my disbelief to the test.  I baulked at the idea of seeing if my classmates would recognize me, but as before the promise of sex won me over.  Both Sarah and Julie promised we could fuck if the guys could identify me.  If they couldn’t identify me they’d both give me a blow job… after I went out on a date with one of the guys and gave HIM a blowjob. 

When Todd slapped the photo on my desk I embarrassingly agreed with him.  “Yeah Todd… I’d like to have her lips wrapped around my cock too”. 

It looks like Helena is going to be making a return visit.  I wonder how Sarah and Julie will dress her up for the big homecoming dance date with Todd. 

source:  fuskator 


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    1. Love it, not only because of the use of the name Helena, but the thought of being dressed up by anther girl, in this case even two, always tickles my fancy.