Saturday, October 31, 2015

Possession is 9/10ths

How much do you own the ones you love?

OK, Ms Williams, I brought Missy along so that you can see she hasn’t been harmed and that she’s happy with me.  Now we all have part of the story so let’s get this out and straight.  You and your husband have been playing dressing games for years.  You’d have him wear your panties and maybe a pair of stockings while the two of you made love.   You two thought it would be fun to take it to the next level, so you both agreed to a year of hard core feminization.  You stopped calling him Michael and only referred to him as Missy.  You had him dress all of the time, and not just like a tom boy but in dresses and skirts and lingerie.  You had him grow his hair out, and remove all of his body hair.  You started him on hormone therapy.  You even used hypnosis. 

Good, I’m glad that Missy gave me all that information and that you’ve now confirmed it.  I think it’s the hypnosis that got you in trouble.  If you hadn’t put that block on him, if you had let him tell strangers what had happened, maybe I would have learned about you sooner.  Maybe I would have returned her. But you had her say ‘My name is Missy and I want to be a your girl’ all the time.  Hey, don’t look at me like that.  You two might have just been playing a game, but this is what I do.  I take little effeminate men and turn them into sexy women.  Put yourself in my shoes… what would you do when this girly boy walks up to your door, introduces herself in such a way, and then won’t tell you where she lives that she’s married, or even that she doesn’t want to be all girl?  Look, I’m not saying this is your fault, but you did drop her off in my neighborhood and told her to get home on her own.   You couldn’t possibly know that I lived there and that I would take her in and help her become a girl like she asked. 

What have I done?  Not much.  Really just an extension on what you two were doing.  I upped her hormone dose to the proper level.  It gave her real breast and made sure her clitty stayed nice and soft.  Look, I can hide it away with just my fingers.  I got her some nice implants to fill out her chest… just a nice handful.  I got her lips plumped.  I started her on some harsh discipline to weed out those few masculine traits you left.  She took to it like a fish does to water… the spanking now is more of a mutually pleasurable activity between us.  I trained her how to be a good slut, she’s a really excellent cock sucker now but we’re still working on her anal skills.  Oh and I’ve scheduled her for SRS. 

So the question is this… who’s is she?  I’ll concede that you have a valid claim.  Missy was your husband and you did start her training.  It was clumsy, but effective.  I’d say if we tallied up your time you put in about three years total work.  But let’s not forget that possession is nine tenths of the law.  She’s with me now and as you can see I’ve smoothed out all the rough edges you left.  I haven’t put in nearly the time you did, but I have put up a far more financial stake in Missy’s development.  Tell you what… I don’t want to get in the way of a loving marriage, but I don’t just give away my training skills and would need to be compensated properly.  If I were doing this on contract I’d charge roughly $250,000.  Add in the surgeries, the hormones, room and board…. Let’s call this an even half a million. 

That sounds fair.  You see if you can raise that kind of money.  But remember, I have Missy’s surgery scheduled for next month.  If you can’t afford her by then we’ll just consider her mine. 

source: fuskator 


  1. Happy Halloween Calvin and Caitlyn!

    1. And a big Happy Halloween to you too Dee! I wish I had a good old fashioned Halloween caption or obscura to share, but no image inspired such a story. I tried to force one, but it was just awful.

  2. nice caption, Caitlyn. gets the mind moving.