Sunday, October 11, 2015

Number One Fan

The Wyld Guys are in town!

When my favorite band Wyld Guys came to town I knew I had to get backstage and meet them.  After all, I was their biggest fan.    I headed up their unofficial fan club, I owned all their CDS, I even took a year off of work to follow them around on tour.  But I had never gotten back stage. Like any great rock band they mostly took girls back with them but this was their last concert this year and they said they’d bring their number one fan with them out on stage for their encore.  I figured all I had to do was get back stage and they’d clearly see I was that number one fan. 

So I went all out.  I got a great wig.  I got the sluttiest makeup I could find, I stuffed some socks into a bra, I got a pair of shorts and some pantyhose and I went for it.  And it worked… but maybe to well.  I got backstage all right, but the guys were running late and just peeked their heads into the room to give us a wave.  The guys didn’t even talk to us and a roadie was assigned to pick the lucky fan.  When he picked me I tried to sneak away and change out of my faux femme gettup, but I was rushed onto stage where they introduced me as their number one fan.  Rolling Stone was there and my picture with the band made the cover.

The guys were furious when they brought me back.  They were just about to make the big time and couldn’t have some scandal derailing their success…. So they kept me on as their number one fan.  They hired a stylist to make sure I was always as sexy as I could be and I was out on stage every night introducing the Wyld Guys.  The number one fan “Wyld Gyrl” was a big success.

Their manager made sure that no mistake would happen again so now I’m the only fan allowed back stage.  As such I’m expected to keep the band in good spirits… just as their number one fan should!

source:  fuskator

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