Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Playing With Her Toys

Wouldn't you love to be her boy toy?

All the guys in the neighborhood knew her.  Her name was Simone Ravencroft, but my father called her Mrs Robinson.  She was elegant and graceful and amazingly beautiful.  She seemed to have an eye for younger men and we all dreamed of one day waking up in her bed.   My relationship with her started off innocently enough as her pool boy.  On many day’s I’d see her moving about her lavish home barely dressed.  There were many days that I’d end up going home and masturbating furiously to the image of her walking about in her bra and panties.  Of course I’d also occasionally see her boy toys.  Guys my age walking around her home in just their boxers with a 10 mile wide grin. 

Any bit of attention she placed on me was special.  When she told me that she wanted me to work without my shirt on, but only if I shaved off my body hair I did so that night.  When she told me to help with her feet, I spent the afternoon kneeling at the end of her pool lounger learning the intricacies of applying toe nail polish.  One fateful afternoon she invited me in for some lemonade.  She told me point blank that she couldn’t see me as one of her boy toys, but would love to help me explore my feminine side.  I didn’t think that I had a feminine side to explore, but getting an opportunity to spend with Ms Ravencroft wasn’t something you turned your nose up to.  So I agreed. 

The next few months sped by.  My parents were happy thinking I was spending all this time working around her house and earning money, but where they thought I was painting room and mowing the lawn I actually was spending time in her bedroom.  Wearing her lingerie, learning how to apply makeup, walking around in her heels.  She called me her favorite little bi-girl toy.  I didn’t like the idea of her seeing me as bisexual, but accepting that nickname earned me entire afternoons learning how to kiss her, suckle her breasts and use my tongue in her sweet garden.  Sometimes we’d use her wide and varied collection of sex toys.  She enjoyed it when I’d use one of her vibrators to get her off, but she seemed to like watching me suck on one of her lifelike dildos even more.  I considered it a very small price to pay for the honor of being one of her toys myself!  During those time she’d always say how much she enjoyed her toys playing well together.

As summer passed into autumn, I still held out hope that Ms Ravencroft would want to see me as a man instead of her girly plaything.  At the same time it was hard imagining how exactly that could happen.  More often than not I was walking around her house wearing panties a loose teeshirt, my breastforms in a bra, my face fully made up, and a long dark wig on my head.  Any hint of masculinity was covered up, painted over, or tucked out of view.  This point was proven today when I answered the door and Alexander walked in.  We had been childhood friends and palled around for years, but he didn’t see anything of me in front of him.  He saw only a young sexy girl in front of him.  Without any preamble he cupped my delicate face in is callused hands and gently kissed me on the lips. 

When Ms Ravencroft walked into the room Alex finally let me up for air but pulled me close to him, his hand remaining on my pantied ass.  My thoughts were all a flutter and centered around a simple fact…A BOY JUST KISSEED ME!!!   Ms Ravencroft simply took our hands and guides us up to her bedroom.  In stunned silence I watched her push Alex onto the bed and pull his pants down before having me kneel next to him.  As she lowered my wet lips over his hard cock I heard her say how much she enjoyed having her boy toy and  her bi-girl toy play well together.

source:  fuskator

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