Thursday, October 29, 2015

Her New Project

Could you decide in time?

When Brittney walked up to me at that hotel bar, I was surprised.  She could have any guy there and yet she chose me.  She didn’t just choose me for conversation either… within minutes of introducing myself she invited me up to her room where she promised I wouldn’t leave until I was completely and totally sexually satisfied.  When I followed her in my eyes were immediately glued to the blindfolded bound nude raven haired beauty on the bed.

Before I knew it Brittney had my cock out and was guiding it into the girl’s mouth.  I felt her hesitate for a moment but soon she was pleasing me like an expert.  When Brittney pulled her dress down exposing her perfectly creamy breasts and took position behind this mystery girl I found myself nodding along to everything she said.  It didn’t really matter what she said, so long as this ménage à trois continued.  “Hmm… I think you might just be my next project.  Little Jenny here has been with me for a couple years now and she’s more than earned the right to have a masculine body again.”

As I opened my mouth to ask what she meant, Brittney’s thumb stroked my lips silencing me.  “No no, don’t speak.  I sense that you don’t have much time to make this decision.  If you let my beautiful Jenny finish her job and cum down her throat, you’ll follow your seed.  You’ll end up in her body and she’ll end up in yours.   I’ll show you the world of feminine delight my little slave.  You’ll be taught how to please me and my men.  Every part of you will be trained to give pleasure.  Your breasts, your ass, your pussy, your voice, and especially your mouth.  You can see how well my training works!  So make up your mind.  If you want to continue living your boring masculine life, just pull out.  Walk out the door and go on about your business.  But if you want to be my pet, then just wait as Jenny will soon….”

There wasn’t much of a choice as I wasn’t sure I could pull out even if I wanted to.  But her promises made it impossible to do so.  Soon enough I exploded into Jenny’s mouth.  And just as she said, my mind followed right behind.   I could feel my cock going soft as I stated my own cum.  I heard my own voice say from above me “Thank you Mistress.  I’ll go down to the bar and send someone up for your new girl.”

As the enormity of what just happened sunk in Brittney’s hand started caressing my sensitive nipples.  “Now we’ll start your training right away.  I don’t want to hear a word from you tonight.  I’m going to make sure your mouth is accustomed to that taste over and over again.  Tomorrow we’ll discuss your training in more depth.  Ahh… here’s your first man!”

I sat silently trembling as I heard Brittney welcome someone new to the room.  I heard his zipper unzip and felt his cock press into my lips as she said “Now go easy on her.  My girl here is new to men.  Hold on to her hair and show her how you like to pleased!”

source: fuskator

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