Friday, October 30, 2015

The Ties That Bind

Experience it just like she did!

This, like several of my recent caps, started out as just an obscura.  It was actually a productive day... I created both "Learning the Girl's Way" and "Her New Project" that same morning.  But this image set still remained for my perusal.  This set caught my attention originally at X-Art, as I have a membership there and I remember thinking it would be a fine set for a submission story.   But nothing came to mind at the time so I let it pass.

Then Monday morning came.  It was a day off, I was in a particularly 'Caitlyn' mood and the image spoke out to me.  Sure, I could have used one of these images:

But I really loved the look on the girl's face as she stoicly looked forward.  The person behind her was almost an afterthought... and that's where it hit me.  Would a 'guy' in a bodysuit think that if he was expecting a Mistress?

So I wrote the story out and left the fact that Tara had set him up with a Master to be told by the image.  It's not a complex story, nor is it a particularly well designed cap, but I had fun doing it.  Oh, I should add that one design path I went down was to make both the title and the text box pink (like in the header graphic), but I thought it would work better if only the rope had that bright pink look.   I think it helps emphasize just how powerless our new girl is, and what a surprise she's going to be in for.  It did look good in pink, so I gave half of it by letting it stay in the header graphic.

I hope you like it.  This will be sitting in the que until Friday.  I MAY go through and edit it if I get the chance... if I do, I'll include any original material in this post.


Well it's posting day and I did edit this a bit.  But really it was more of a polish.  Remove a sentence here, add an exclamation mark there.  Nothing that I'm going to clutter up this post with.  I did want to add this... after a few days in the que, I'm not quite as happy with this.  The story just feels... weak.  I struggled a little to hard in the third paragraph to hid the gender of the 'dominant' and that shows through.  I'm not sure I emphasized enough Tara's idea of what 'everything she experienced' including sex with the same gender... and even if I did it would be a stretch as he's going to acting the part of a girl in a boy/girl sexcapade.

I think the story COULD be salavaged, but most of what I had written would need to be  trashed.  I would need to start with a blank slate.  The core idea is good (at least I still think so), but the executions is just bland.  A sexually experienced woman convincing her fairly straight laced lover to experience several world expanding experiences... submission, femininity, having a male sexual partner.

The picture works, the design is standard (not a bad thing, but not a reason to love it), and the story is weak.  I think I'd give this a C+.  I hope you get the gist of what I was going after and enjoy my intent.

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