Monday, January 25, 2016

Every Year

Anniversary's are always so special!

Marta and I fell deeply in love the first time we met.  Every year we were together we tried to do something new as well as celebrating our history together.  I thought being with her would take those fantasies of being a woman away… and for a time they did.  But our life got so much better once I shared all of me with her.  

In 2006 we had our honeymoon.  Calvin and Marta, married forever and ever!

In 2007 we celebrated our 1st anniversary… that’s when I told her about my feminine side. 

In 2008 we celebrated by making love like girls for the first time.

In 2009 we celebrated my continuing feminine exploration… I dressed in skirts and heels whenever we were alone.

In 2010 we celebrated by giving my female persona a name…. when alone Marta would always call me Caitlyn.

In 2011 we celebrated me being able to go out and be passable.  Being hit on by those guys was so exhilarating!

In 2012 we renewed our vows…. This time as Marta and Caitlyn.

In 2013 we celebrated me living as a full time woman for the past year.

In 2014 we celebrated my successful breast implants.  That was a fun week sunbathing topless!

In 2015 we celebrated my final surgery and my now complete femininity.

Now here in 2016, on our 10th wedding anniversary we’re celebrating Erin.  He was our next door neighbor until we had him move in with us.  He was a little resistant at first, but now that he’s had breast implants we think SHE’LL make a good girlfriend for both of us!  I can hear Marta playing with herself as she watches me show Erin how sensitive her breasts are!

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