Sunday, January 3, 2016

Manipulative Step-mother

She always get's what she wants!
Chad was always such a push over.  I may be his only friend that doesn’t make him do things he doesn’t like.  And it’s not even just his friends… his step-mother manipulates him into doing whatever she wants.  I met him in high school on the football team.  He was the star quarterback while I was lucky to make the team as the backup punter.  I just figured he’d be the normal jock… leader of the pack, dating the head cheerleader, bossing around his buddies.  But nope.  All the other guys kept getting him in trouble.  They made him throw parties at his place even though he wasn’t that kind of guy.  And boy did that piss off Mrs Bennett!

Did she tell him to quit?  Nope.  She would never be so direct.  She convinced the other players to have Chad cheat in a game.  Afterward she leaked the info to the local paper and the big time recruiters.   Chad was thrown off the team and lost any chance at a scholarship.  She even made sure Chad’s only college acceptance letter came from a business school with no athletic program. 

Chad and I remained close friends.  I did everything I could to help him avoid the type of people who would manipulate him.  When Mrs Bennett planned for him to go up on a ski trip for the holiday break I knew it wasn’t for his fun or benefit.  It was to set him up with some ditzy girl who she wanted him to marry.  After a heart to heart, I convinced him to totally back out and instead invite me up to his place.  He had no interest in the girl, and would enjoy watching the bowl games with a buddy instead.

I made it in just before the blizzard hit.  My heart sank when I saw that Mrs Bennett would be snowed in with us, but she was surprisingly nice.  She showed me to my room which was actually Chad’s sister’s room.  We got a kick out of looking through her things and laughed hysterically when we found her stash of DVDs.  They all had titles like “How to catch a man”, “How to make him yours”, “How to seduce your man”, and “How to give your man the best blowjob of his life”.   Just as we were putting one of the discs in to see how funny it would be, Mrs. Bennett came in and told us to leave those things alone. 

I was surprised when Mrs. Bennett offered to wash up my clothes.  I couldn’t exactly blame her when she accidently used pure bleach instead of detergent.  With all of my clothes destroyed Mrs. Bennett provided me with stuff to wear.  I wasn’t exactly pleased that the only clothes in the house that would fit me was from Chad’s sister’s closet.  It was mostly filled with skirts and dresses and such, but she did have a few normal clothes.  With my long hair hanging free I still kind of looked like a tomboy, so I just wore it up in a masculine ponytail.   I was afraid that me sulking around for two weeks in her clothes would ruin the week, so I told Chad I didn’t mind wearing them.

The next morning I went for my shower.  I really appreciated the fact that Mrs Bennett had a bottle of my favorite body wash, but just as I got all lathered up the water shut off.  I heard Chad shout up that he was fixing a leaky pipe and should have the water back up in just a few minutes.   I started to feel itchy all over and by the time the water came back on I realized why…. I’d grabbed the wrong bottle.  I had just stood there for 20 minutes as the depilatory cream removed all of my body hair.  To be fair, the bottle did look just like the one for my body wash.

I was pissed, but we all had a good laugh over it.  Chad even joked that my legs looked better without hair when wearing his sister’s shorts.  Later that evening after shouting at the teams on TV for hours, my throat was sore and Chad said his step mom had some herbal tea that would make it feel better.  He prepared a big mug of it for me and while it tasted slightly medicinal it did seem to soothe my aching throat.  When Mrs Bennett saw me drinking my second mug she quickly pulled me aside and said that she was quite upset at me drinking it without reading the instructions.  It seems the tea was a special blend from Sri Lanka that would relax my larynx.  It was meant to be taken in very small doses.  With the amount I had taken it ran the risk of permanently taking away my voice.  To avoid that I had to speak as little as possible and even then only in a husky whisper for the next couple weeks.  As she was helping me practice my new feminine sounding voice she told me that she was worried about Chad’s complicity in the accident.  She said the decision was up to me, but she’d really appreciate if I didn’t tell him about his mistake.  I begrudgingly agreed knowing that Chad would feel terrible if he thought he had almost poisoned me. 

Where I intended to tell Chad that my throat was sore and that I couldn’t speak above this ridiculous whisper, Mrs Bennett interrupted and told him that I was instead practicing my feminine voice out for a play and she thought it would be appropriate if he wouldn’t make fun of me for it… that he should even compliment me on it and encourage it.  So for the next few days I was stuck sounding like a girl as explaining otherwise would have meant speaking too much.   That night Mrs. Bennett came into my room and said she had something that might help my voice.  She said that she got the tea company on the phone and they said that a little bit of an herbal cream in my throat along with lots of saliva would help.  To ensure that the cream would go straight down my throat and not discolor my teeth she had put it an peachy tan colored applicator that was 8 inches long and thick enough to jack my jaw almost all the way open.  To ensure I got enough saliva she told me I should slowly slide it in and out of my mouth.   When she left and I started the treatment I caught a glimpse in the mirror… I shuddered as the first thing it reminded me of was a girl sucking on a dildo.  

And Chad?  He went way beyond simply complimenting my voice… he started treating me differently.  He started pulling out my chair when we sat down to eat.  He’d open doors for me.  He even started calling me ‘Darlin’ and had me always get our beers from the fridge.  When I could finally corner Mrs Bennet and told her about it she said she’d have a talk with him… but if anything his actions ramped up.  While he continued to drink beer and snack on chips and dip, he insisted that I instead drink wine and snack on some carrot sticks. 

On the morning of the playoffs I noticed my shampoo smelled really awful in the shower.  When I got out and looked at myself in the mirror I almost fainted.  A glance at the bottle confirmed what I saw in the mirror.  The bottle of shampoo was sitting right next to a similar looking bottle of hair dye.   My light blonde hair was streaked with dark brown smudges, and even my fingers were discolored.  I went to go and yell at Mrs. Bennet, but her strident voice easily overpowered my weak whisper as she berated me for wasting her expensive bottle of hair dye.  Thankfully she said she could fix it as she had a mini hair salon in the back where she’d work on her friends’ hair.  I’d actually forgotten that she was a hair stylist before meeting Chad’s dad.

Mrs. Bennett had me strip and offered me a flimsy pink robe to wear.  I tried to protest, but she said the chemicals she was going to use could damage her daughter’s clothes and she refused to have me responsible for that too.  As I sat back in the chair she started working on my hands.  She first put some acrylic stuff on my nails saying that they would need some time to pull the dye out…. Otherwise I’d have to wait for my nails to grow the color out.  She then dipped my fingers into two bowls of some other chemical.  It was bubbly and tingling so I pulled my fingers back.  Exasperated she insisted I let my fingers soak and that she wouldn’t be responsible for my fingers being discolored.  To ensure I wouldn’t pull them out prematurely she lightly bound my wrists to the arm rests forcing my fingers to stay in the little bowls.  I blanched when she said I may as well use this private time to treat my vocal cords and pulled out the applicator.  She had it in some kind of strap that she wrapped around my head and forced the tip of it to touch my throat.  I had to struggle and use my tongue to push it out a bit.  She smiled when she saw the struggle on my face and said that without my hands this setup would ensure I kept working at it and built up the saliva.

When Mrs Bennett examined my hair closer she said it would take her hours to fix it and she didn’t want me fidgeting all that time, so she pulled the TV cart in from my room and put the game on.  She hated football and didn’t want to listen, so she also slid some ear buds into my ears.  The volume was a little loud, but I soon got into the game and barely noticed her working on my head.  After three quarters of the game she turned the volume down and told me I’d have to sit under the hair dryer for a couple hours.  I nodded my acceptance and she turned the volume back up.  As she left and set the remote down she must have accidently hit the input button.  The bowl game disappeared and was replaced by the DVD.  I tried to wiggle my way out, but between the dryer over my head and my wrists bound to the chair I was forced to watch the DVD “How to give your man the best blowjob of his life”.  I couldn’t even block it out by closing my eyes as the volume was almost all the way up and somehow listening to a sultry woman talk about how to properly hold, squeeze, rub, lick, and suck a cock while having a thick eight inch long applicator in my mouth was worse without seeing it.   When the video was over I breathed a sigh of relief, but moaned in frustration as it automatically started to play on repeat. 

By the time Mrs. Bennet came back I had watched the instructional video at least six times.  I was especially embarrassed that my hard on was pointing up at the ceiling from under the pink silky robe.  I must have turned seventeen shades of red when she not only saw my excitement but the video that had evidently caused it.  Agonizingly she didn’t turn the video off or turn the volume down when she returned to working on me.  I couldn’t hear what she said but after a bit of brushing out my hair she started working on my face.  I assumed that some of the dye had worked its way over my forehead and into my eyebrows as she started plucking and thinning them out.  She even applied a cream to my face and something around my eyes.  

After what felt like the longest afternoon of my life Mrs. Bennett undid me.  She pulled the applicator out from my mouth, untied my wrists and pointed me to the pile of clothes.  The checkered flannel shirt was fine, but with my raging erection I couldn’t quite fit into the shorts she had laid out.  Impatient with my attempts, Mrs. Bennett told me I could either tuck my penis between my legs or she could go get some ice to help me out.  Not wanting anymore help from her, I pulled my cock between my legs then pulled the panties and shorts up.  It was beyond uncomfortable, but thankfully I started to lose my erection.  That was until I saw myself in the mirror. 

Between the cream smoothing out my complexion, the stuff around my eyes, my thinned out eye brows, my painted fingernails, the clothes, and now my thick feminine styled brunette hair… I looked like a girl.  I could barely see myself in the girl looking back at me and with my mouth hanging slightly open I didn’t just look feminine… I looked hot.  When Mrs. Bennett walked up behind me, she put her hands on my shoulders and gripped them tightly.  With both of us staring at my reflection she said that she was furious that I had undermined her plans for Chad.  That none of what had happened while I was here was an accident.  Not only had she been making me look more and more feminine but she had been telling Chad that she was helping me live out my dream of becoming a woman.  Not only that, but she had told him that I wanted to come out specifically to him as his girlfriend.  She had told him that I had purposefully destroyed my clothes and had been willingly wearing his sister’s instead.  That I had brought the depilatory cream and had willingly made myself smooth for him.  That the tea had nothing to do with my voice and that I just wanted to sound sexy for him and loved it when he treated me like a girl.   And that after over a week of begging her, she had finally relented and made me look like this.  For him. 

She then gave me a choice.  I could help her show Chad what having a sexy willing girlfriend could feel like by doing everything she told me without hesitation.  That once the snow cleared and the games were over I could leave and never see either of them again and no one would know about what happened here.  She’d even keep Chad quiet about my feminine ‘secret’.  Or I could try and convince Chad that his loving step mother was in fact a malicious bitch.  Not only would he not believe me, but she’d let everybody know what a sissy I was.  She’d already been emailing my parents, my girlfriend, and my friends back at school, and it wouldn’t be hard to send them the pictures and video’s she had of me willingly looking and acting like a girl for Chad.  Chad would be embarrassed as all hell, my life would be ruined, and she’d still get what she wants by ‘helping’ Chad find a girl to prove his masculinity again. 

Seeing no immediate way out and hoping that an escape would present itself, I nodded my acceptance.  As she guided me back out to the living room I figured all I had to do was convince Chad.  He knew his step mom was manipulative, and it wouldn’t take much to convince him that she was lying now.  But as we entered the living room I saw Chad sitting on the couch.   Without his pants on.  Slowly jacking his hard cock.  I couldn’t help but notice that his cock was almost the exact size of the applicator I had been sucking on for over a week.  And on the TV… a heavily edited video of my time here.  Video of me applying the depilatory cream with a close up of the bottle.  Video of me speaking softly to Chad that was cut in with video of Mrs Bennett telling ‘me’ that Chad just loved a sultry low voice.  Video of me working the applicator in and out of my mouth while laying in my pink room in nothing but panties while watching TV.  The TV screen was obscured and the audio of the game I was watching had been replaced with the audio from the DVD making it look like I was practicing my oral technique.  It even had a close up of my pulling the long applicator from my lips and licking the tip clean. 

I was absolutely mortified as Mrs. Bennett had me lie down next to Chad and guided my painted fingernails to the base of his cock.  Chad looked down at me with a genuine smile and I realized it was too late… there would be no convincing him.  As his hand reached out and rested on my hip he told me that he was surprised I had waited so long to do this.  That he had always suspected I was really a woman on the inside.  That he was happy to help me transition and that if it worked out he would even help me with the surgeries and hormone treatments.  I looked over to Mrs. Bennet silently begging her to not do this but she simply guided my head down to Chad’s already leaking cock.  As she started guiding me up and down his thick shaft I was dismayed at how familiar this already felt. I thought my life couldn’t possibly get worse until she changed the video on the TV and my eyes widened in horror. 

“You are so sweet Chad.  Of course we’ll help ‘Jasmine’ transition as much as we can. Just remember that while she’s fragile right now she desperately needs you to be her big strong man.  Treat her like any other girl even if she balks.  She needs you to not let her slip back into masculinity.  She told me she has quite the oral fetish so that should help you cum two or three times before tonight.   Being drained like that will help you when you take her to your bed.  Now sit back sweety and let her practice pleasing her man while she watches the video and prepares for tonight!”

The title card on the video came up at that moment.  “How to have loving pleasurable anal intercourse” 

source:  fuskator

OK, this one may have gotten a little bit away from me.  I actually intended this to be just a few paragraphs... maybe 4?  But as I kept writing out how our subject changed each little piece... well I liked the direction.   Sorry for having such a large block of text without any other photos.  


  1. No need for apologizes its a great story. i loved the tricks and manipulations great work.

    1. Awesome story. Wish I could trade places with 'Jasmine'.