Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wedding Gift

Should you return a gift if it wasn't meant for you?

I was surprised to get an invite to her wedding.   I can’t imagine she was thinking of me when she sent out these invites.  I always had such a crush on her in college, but she never gave me the time of day let alone a date.   She did go out with my roomie once but he said she was turned off by the TG caps he made.  When she saw me she was so excited and pulled me back to the room where she was getting ready.  Once the door was closed she said she had a huge favor to ask, and that I was the only person she thought could help her out. 

I think she may have confused me with my roomie as she said she wanted to swap bodies with me.  That she’s always wanted to have sex as a man but that once she took her vows she’d remain only with her husband and that he wasn’t interested in trying out the potion she had got to swap bodies. 

I figured that there was no harm in helping her out.  There was really no chance of us really changing bodies but she’s still be grateful for me helping her out.   There also didn’t seem to be any reason to let her know I wasn’t the guy she wanted.  Again… it’s not like I was going to actually end up in her body.  

That was eight hours ago.  After we each took a drink of her potion we flipped bodies.  There was no shock or ghostly music or sensation of falling.  One moment I’m looking at her smiling expectant face and the next I’m looking at my own grinning face.  It was quite disturbing to see my own face come closer and give me a quick kiss before she said that she’d be back in one hour.  It seems she already had a girl lined up and ready.  When she didn’t show back up I reluctantly let her mother and bride’s maids in and let them prep me for my ‘special day’.  I stood in and even managed a smile when we all got together for the pictures.  I must have scanned every single person while I walked down the aisle, arm in arm with her father, looking for the most familiar face in the world.  I prayed that she’d show up and somehow save me from the kiss.   Every time I danced with ‘my’ husband I took the opportunity to check out everybody in the room. 

And now the reception is over.  All the guests have left.  All the guys are winking at my husband and all the girls are giggling and smiling at me as everybody wishes us a wonderful honeymoon.  Even now as my husband isn’t waiting to get us to the honeymoon suite, I’m still hoping she shows up. 

Maybe I should have told her it wasn’t me she was thinking of. 


  1. Don't you just love... I mean hate when that happens? Yes, hate, definitely not love. Ahem.