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Pledge to the fraternity?  Or the Sorority?

I’d heard all the rumors.  That pledging a frat was hard as they tried to embarrass and humiliate you.  That they’d demean you and having you clean up the frat house, doing the brothers’ homework, wearing nothing but frat approved clothes…. but I saw it all as worth it and vowed to continue the family tradition.  Dad and three generations back had been in a frat.  Mom and generations back had been in a sorority. 

When I was told that my hazing would be unique I was both excited and scared.  As my family had been part of founding both this frat and its sister sorority, all I had to do to gain entry was go through the hazing process of the sorority.  Several of the sisters came over and gave me a complete makeover.   The corset and padded bra gave me the shape of any other sorority girl.  The pale blond wig matched my skin tone and was enhanced by the subtle makeup.   And once my ‘sisters’ positioned me in front of the mirror I was shocked…. I couldn’t see any sign of my masculinity. 

The hazing at the sorority house was just about what I expected in the frat house.  Cleaning up after everybody, having to memorize the sorority history, doing school projects for my sisters.  I thought it would be a breeze, until they told me about the last test.  Ever since the sexual revolution, the sorority wanted to showcase that their sisterhood held to traditional roles… including sexually pleasing men.  All the pledges would line up with a man chosen specifically for them and go through various tests.  Holding hands, dancing, kissing… stuff like that.   The sisters said that they were only going to take two pledges this year and would eliminate pledges with each step.    They’d stop once they had eliminated all the girls save for their two new sisters.  The sorority president took me aside and said that I didn’t have to participate.  She’d understand if I wanted to bow out.  But if I did, she couldn’t tell the frat that I had passed their hazing process.  I couldn’t imagine going through a week dressed up like this and NOT passing the frat’s hazing, so I committed to the test. 

Holding hands wasn’t bad.   My ‘date’ was the left tackle on the football team and was easily big enough to help me see myself as a girl.  We all sat around the sorority house holding hands with ‘our men’ and after three hours of having Rodney treating me like a princess, only two girls were eliminated.  As the sun set, we were all escorted to main foyer that had been transformed into a dance floor.  I wasn’t bothered by the fast dances, although moving in heels made it a little treacherous.  The slow dances though were harder.   Rodney held me VERY close and during several dances I could feel his erection pressing into my belly.  Five girls ended up being eliminated at the dance. 

Once the music stopped we were all bade to sit down and start kissing our man.  I swallowed what remained of my pride as Rodney leaned in close and started passionately kissing me.   He didn’t hide his arousal and kept his hands moving all over my body.   Feeling his hands on my ‘breasts’ as his tongue openly explored my mouth was bad.   Feeling those same hands sneak up under my skirt and cup my pantied ass was worse.   After an hour of making out with him, 10 more girls bowed out. 

The sisters seemed very excited when they told us the next challenge.  Hand Jobs.  We were seated next to our man as they all slid their pans and underwear off.  To say that Rodney was hung like a horse was an understatement, and it seems that making out with me for sixty minutes had him very excited.   I followed the other girls’ examples and delicately wrapped my hand around the thick shaft.  My dainty hand could barely encircle it but I kept it in motion, trying to focus on his flared head.  One girl was immediately disqualified when she leaned over and kissed her man’s cock.  The sisters said that there could be no oral involvement… not until the next phase. 
After five minutes one of the sisters got her man off and the sisters celebrated her passing this level of the test.  When I realized that to pass this test I’d have to get Rodney off, I redoubled my efforts and even added some sweet whispers into his ear.  Thankfully the sisters gave us some wet wipes to clean off the copious amounts of cum our men spilled on our hands.   All but myself and two other girls were eliminated. 

As it was late, the sisters told us that our next test would occur the following morning.  Rodney gave me a soulful kiss goodnight before parting with his friends.  When I got to my assigned bedroom I was surprised to see both the sorority and fraternity presidents there waiting for me.   The fraternity president… a man I wanted to call my brother… didn’t spare many words.  He told me that I’d never be welcome in the frat.  That ultimately my test wasn’t to be a girl but to stand up for my manhood and refuse this final test.  As I had failed such a basic test of manhood, I wouldn’t only be barred from entering this semester, I’d also be banned for life.  With tears in my eyes I watched him leave and accepted the hug from the sorority president. 

As she calmed me down she apologized for the error.  She said that if she knew that would happen she would have stopped me from proceeding.  She went on to explain that my mother’s family had been very good to the sorority and that she wanted to help me in any way she could.  She had already contacted my mother and gained her approval for her idea.  Her original plan was to announce that all three of the finalists had won… that way they would get their two new sisters and I could join up with the frat, but now that that wasn’t an option she would continue to the next test.  And if I passed the test, I would be allowed into the sorority as a full sister. 

If I had any hope of continuing my family’s tradition I had to accept this offer.  Knowing that my mother, and likely my father, already knew what would be expected of me and approved…. I accepted the offer.  The sorority president was excited and said she’d even help me, so instead of getting any sleep I received 8 hours of lessons on how to give a blowjob.  We started off with my licking and sucking on her smooth pink dildo, but by mornings light I was kneeling and sucking on her realistic strap on. 

Now as I kneel between Rodney’s legs and look up into his face I’m thankful that the president allowed me to wear my sweater and skirt as the other girls were made to strip naked.   Any advantage their bare breasts awarded them was negated by my late night training.  I try not to feel bad for the girls beside me… after all one of them will end up as my sorority sister!

source:  fuskator and fuskator

I found these pics a few days ago and knew the basic plot of this obscura.  Guy tries to get into frat, has to instead pledge to a sorority, goes to far with the sorority hazing and is banned from the frat, and now has to finish the job and actually join the sorority. 

The problem was explaining why.  On my first two passes, I went a little too story heavy and gave up after only a few paragraphs.  This morning I decided to drop almost all of the back story and just say it was a family tradition.  That helped lube up the writing muscles and I wrote this out on the first try.  
Instead of trashing the other two versions, I figured I'd include them here.  I'm sure you can imagine how each would have progressed:

Attempt 1:
I was looking forward to pledging to my father’s fraternity in college.  His membership had been voided years and years ago from something my uncle did and although neither would tell me what exactly he did, I wanted to fix the error and bring a sense of honor back to our family.  The rumors of what they did to their pledges were legend.  The brothers went way beyond having the newbs clean up the frat house or memorize the frat history.  It was said that the newbs had to break into professor’s offices and steal answer sheets.  It was said that the newbs had to deface the houses of other frats.  It was even said that the newbs had to bed girls from the frats sister sorority and show proof.

When I signed up to pledge, the frat president took me aside and told me that if I wanted to join up I’d have to un-do what my uncle did years back.  When my uncle was head of hazing, he singled out two feminine looking pledges and said that to join they’d first have to pledge and be accepted by their sister sorority.  Those pledges had turned to the authorities and the frat was almost shut down.  Permanently.  So for anybody in my family to ever be let in, I’d have to live out that humiliation.    

Attempt 2:
When the frat singled out Liam and I for our pledges they thought it would be a great joke for us to try and pledge a sorority instead.  It was simple, they’d make us over as girls and we’d have to do everything they said.  Once the sorority figured out one of us wasn’t a girl, the other would win admission to the frat.  I agreed only because I didn’t think there was any way we could fool the sisters for more than a day.  A day dressed in drag and a humiliating story or two?  Easy pay for entry into the premier frat on campus. 

Dressed up in skirts and school jackets with wigs, makeup and sock stuffed bras Liam and I went to the sorority more confident than ever that this would be a short hazing.   When Haley, one of the sisters, saw us in line she immediately pulled us to the side.  She explained that the sorority knew about the frat hazing and was NOT pleased about it.   Further they were planning on humiliating us as retribution.  So she and several sisters had decided to instead help us.   They figured if they could help us fool the rest of the sisters for at least two weeks, we could earn their respect and the frat would have to let us both in. 

That evening she guided Liam and I to the sorority party and introduced us as Lisa and Debbie, two new pledges.  The girl’s makeover on Liam and I was amazing.   Both of us wore body cinchers to give us feminine curves as well as having prosthetic breasts glued to our chests.  Our bodies had been shaved completely smooth and our eyebrows plucked to perfectly feminine curves.  Our head’s had been shaved and we wore real hair wigs that were also glued into place.  Our makeup was exquisitely 

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