Friday, January 1, 2016

Manlier by comparison

Every guy looks manlier when next to a gal right?

Todd was such a gym rat.  He said he’d do anything to be manlier although to my eye he was in peak physical condition.  There was hardly an ounce of body fat on him, and while his muscles weren’t all bulging and stuff, he was in obvious good shape.  Once he hit the wall, once he couldn’t seem to develop any more masculinity by working out he got a little strange.  He said that some of the brutes at the gym had used magic to get bigger and stronger.  I laughed, but told him that I would help if he ever found such a magical spell. 

This evening he started his spell.  Todd said he wasn’t really sure what it was supposed to do, only that he needed a willing partner.  Evidently it would make him seem manlier and that it would give him the confidence boost he needed.  At first I couldn’t figure out why I was needed at all.  He stripped down, laid out on his bed and started chanting.  This went on for hours.  After a while I grew bored and decided to clean up the place.  I’ve never been into cleaning, not even my own apartment, but it just felt right.  Once everything was spic and span I snuck into the bedroom and found that nothing had changed.  Instead of leaving though I got into Todd’s closet and changed into a pair of silk pajamas.

They were obviously meant for someone else as they fit horribly.  The legs were too tight while the waist was all baggy.  And while the bottom of the shirt was tight, the chest of it billowed out.  As I considered changing back into my sweats though, I could feel my body changing.  My skin became all tingly and I noticed my muscles shifting under the smooth PJs.  I looked over at Todd praying that his spell wasn’t changing me by accident.  When I leaned over him to see he was changing too he reached out and pulled me over him.  As our bodies touched an electric shock went through me.  Todd seemed oblivious as he never stopped chanting, but he also held my arm down and started playing with my hair. 

It took me several moments to realize what was happening.  The first clue was my hair.  Each stroke of his hand seemed to pull my hair out longer and longer.  The second clue was my clothes.  I could feel them starting to fit better as my hips spread out and my legs shrunk down.  The final clue was my chest.  At first it was pressed flat against Todd’s cock, but as his tool engorged and grew it seemed to nestle in between my…. Breasts. 

The physical changes were bad.  Not only did I seem to be changing into a curvy sexy woman, I could feel my new body responding to Todd’s.  My new soft folds between my legs were growing moist while the nipples on my new tits were growing hard.  The mental changes were worse.  I felt myself being pushed ‘back’ and my body started to move on its own.  Instead of trying to get away from Todd’s grip my face turned and started to kiss his hairy chest.  My dainty hands reached up to caress his him as I started kissing and licking my way down his body. 

 When Todd stopped chanting and looked down at me I had a brief moment of hope.  His eyes were shocked as he rolled me off of him and stood up.  I could see that this isn’t what he expected nor what he wanted, but as much as I tried to shout out and tell him to change me back, my body kept moving on it’s own accord.  The silken top slipped off my creamy shoulders as I knelt up in front of him.  When I realized I couldn’t even make a sound I tried my best to beg with my eyes.  My hand reached out and delicately brought his hard on to my lips and started rubbing it over my plumped lips.  I thought I might be getting through to him until he closed his eyes and said “I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to, but GOD you make me feel like a stud when you do that!”

The only sound to come out of my mouth was a sultry feminine moan of desire and contentment as I directed his cock into my mouth.  While my head started bobbing up and down I realized the spell worked as exactly as Todd said it would.   With a woman like me by his side he’ll look manlier than ever if only by comparison.  And If I continue to treat him like this his confidence will do nothing by skyrocket!

source:  fuskator and fuskator

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  1. Being stuck in a female body with a heightened libido... perfect.