Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Holiday Spirit

A story of a very Merry Christmas!

For four years running Jerry liked to make himself over on Christmas break and send out a cutesy anonymous photo to all the other fellas who couldn’t go home for the holidays.  It was his own way to celebrate his inner feminine side that he knew would never get to see the light of day while simultaneously giving many guys a happy Christmas gift.  Jerry already kept his body shaved smooth for his participation on the swim team so on Christmas Eve he just needed to make sure he didn’t have any stubble and clean up his legs.  Through his time volunteering to help the school’s theater group he had access to the best makeup and had learned how to apply it over the years to really hide his masculinity away.  What would look simple to most of the guys he sent this too was really quite detailed, what with the foundation, subtle blush, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, and eyelash extending mascara.  Even the painted fingernails added to the glamour. 

Jerry loved hearing the guys over the next couple weeks try to guess where this mysterious ‘Jenny’ was.  He always made sure to pose with just enough of his dorm room showing that it could be identified as from this school, but had extra curtains, and other decoys to throw off everybody’s trail.  This year he even included an old ironing board and a festive, if small, Christmas tree.  The pièce de résistance this year was the hat.  Before, he’d always used long overly feminine wigs but this year his hair was cut too short to weave a wig into, so he got this wintery Santa-like hat and glued some cute bangs coming out the front and a cute braided ponytail coming out the back.  The pose this year would be a little more risqué as he wanted to do a ‘Nude Jenny’ photo as this was his last year.  So with the camera facing him on it’s little tripod and the screen flipped up he sat down and moved until the pose was perfect.  His knees could hide his flat chest and everybody’s imagination would let them see breasts there.  His legs held close together would hide his crotch away and even this position would give the hint of a wider hips and rear while his shoulders pulled in a bit would give the hint of a smaller arms and shoulders.  Setting the camera, looking up and *CLICK*

Jerry wasted no time in sending the photo out with the simple silent prayer that everybody would have a happy and safe holiday and that this would bring them at least a little bit of joy.  As he was put the camera away and started pulling down the decorations, he didn’t realize that the dozens of recipients were all sending out a similar holiday wish.  Most of them recognized that they’d never meet Jenny but were sending out silent prayers of their own, wishing Jenny a Merry Christmas and hopes that she’d get everything she ever wanted.  The holiday spirts, far more ancient than the commercialization of Christmas or even the birth of the Christ himself, felt this give and take of love and thanks.  They recognized that this love was based on something Jerry felt he could never have and desired more than anything else.  And most importantly it recognized that if Jerry got this wish granted, as these university boys all wanted, the holiday giving would be increased and make everybody happy. 

When Jerry stood up, he felt a tingling go up and down is smooth skin.  He just assumed it was the thrill of helping out others but instead of dying away it intensified.  He closes his eyes for the last time in the middle of pulling his cute robe on.  When Jenny opened her eyes, she let out a sigh of the truly contented.  She had the fleeting recognition that she’d been born a boy and had just been given this wonderful life, but that faded as she shook her head and let out the braid in her long hair.   A small smile spread over her lips, knowing that the cutesy photos she sent out every Christmas made the guys so happy and this year’s R rated nudie would be no exception.  She couldn’t wait for classes to begin so that she could see everybody’s reaction in person.  Until then her phone constantly beeping was signal enough of her success… wishes for a Merry Christmas and thanks for the photo would keep coming in all night long. 

source:  fuskator and fuskator


  1. Thank you for another beautiful story with pictures of the lovely Jenny.
    I hope that your Holidays are at least as beautiful as you.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year going forward in 2020!

    You got your naughty AND nice all in one Christmas caption this year!