Sunday, December 22, 2019

Size Queen

Size is everything!

Okay, I first found this image set on Fuskator, both here and here.  I will absolutely not deny that this image in particular I found hot.  H A W T Hawt!  At first glance it looks like he's forcing her, what this him directing himself into her mouth and his hand at the back of her head... and you all know what that type of imagery does for me!  But at the same time... her hands aren't tied down, nor are her legs.  She in fact has a posed but relaxed body posture.  Even her facial expression is one of contentment if not outright happiness.

And while it's more shown in the other images in the set, I knew I had a title in mind... Size Queen.  It was going to be about a guy falling for or being forced to love on his bigger friend.  So with a title in mind and a vague story idea in hand, I started writing what I figured would be an obscura.  I liked the story I was writing, but unfortunately I got interrupted and didn't get to resume writing for several days.  When I re-read what I had... it didn't spark anything in me.  The image still sent sparks running up and down my mind (and other places!), and the vague idea of a smallish guy ending up with his bigger well endowed friend got me all giggly and happy... but this story was now dead to me.  Obviously, I saved it so instead of tossing it into the bin of history, here's where my mind first went:

Ben and I had been friends since our elementary school and even back then we were a study in opposites.  I was a nerdy bookworm where he was a natural born athlete.  I was short and small for my age while he was tall and big for his.  I was shy and had trouble meeting new people while he was outgoing and could make friends at the drop of a hat.  In high school I like reading biographies and watching documentaries while he liked reading comics and watching superhero movies.  And where I was always open to new ideas, Ben was fairly closed minded and figured if it wasn’t breaking it didn’t need fixing. 

For two people that couldn’t be any more different, we remained close through college and afterward.  We both got good paying jobs at the same company and while we accomplished it in different ways, we both found success there.  My hard-working nature and dutiful research helped me, while Ben’s ability to make buddies out of the executive team helped him.  Neither of us exactly found success in women and we weren’t really good at being a wingman for each other.  I was always looking for women similar to me…. Skinny, small breasts, smart, and at least a bit of an introvert while Ben liked his women tall, curvy, and outspoken.  And then one night at the bar we met Adalee.

Adalee was a mix of what both of us wanted.  She was a little shorter than me and had the cutest perkiest tits.  At the same time she was bawdy and strident and vocal.  Ben and I, for different reasons, were both attracted to her.  She seemed to be into both of us and we knew that we couldn’t both go after her, so after a little talk Ben let me ‘have’ her.  At first, that worked out.  Adalee opened up my world to things I’d never imagined.  She had me take her out to concerts and bars.  She had me take her to exclusive clubs and casinos.  And she fucked me three ways from Sunday.  I mean, I was a little concerned that she might be a nymphomaniac.  The only thing that stuck in my craw was her constant asking about Ben.   I knew, physically at least, I wasn’t her type.  She tried to show me how she liked to be treated, but it just wasn’t in my nature to treat women like that.  I could play act at pulling her hair sometimes, but she wanted the whole caveman approach.  And then there was size… yeah she liked that Ben was tall and big and strong and built, but she also assumed that he had a cock to match. 

I guess he did… but it still hurt to be told I wasn’t big enough for her ‘down there’.  Most of our sexual activities were oral… I’d love laying down and eating her out for as long as she could take and she could blow my mind away with her felating skills.  Inevitably, after we’d gotten each other off, she’d either ask about Ben directly, or wonder aloud about how she wanted to be forced down and fucked by a big thick cock. 

After dating for a couple months, it wasn’t a surprise to anybody that she left me.  We just weren’t right for each other.  What DID hurt was that she wasted almost no time in approaching Ben directly.  Ben, being the good friend he is, turned her down.  His honesty won out and said that it wasn’t because she’d dumped me… although that did bother him… it was because he just wasn’t into small skinny girls like her.  She tried to convince him that she could treat him right, but everybody knew that Ben was hard to convince of anything and that the only person who could do it was me.  When she came back to me I thought it might be for a second go, but she pissed me off when she told me I’d have to convince Ben that small chicks like her were worth it.  That she could treat him right and that she’d let him treat her like the slut she was. 

I couldn’t exactly physically throw her out, but I walked her to the door and told her emphatically that I didn’t want to see her ever again. 

Life went on.  The next year Ben and I both got promoted at the same time, with me leading my own lab and him running the sales department.  A bunch of us at the firm got promoted and to reward us they set up a two-month vacation/retreat in the Caribbean.   Everybody got their own luxury room at the huge resort and were encouraged to go out and mingle as several important client companies were down here at the same time.  Ben and I had heard stories of these retreats and had even heard how some of the guys weren’t seen at all but ended up with big new contracts or joint-research opportunities. 

When I saw Adalee in the bar, I just assumed she was on her own vacation and would want as little to do with me as I wanted to do with her.  So when I woke up, tied to her bed with smiling maniacally down at me, it was more than a bit of a surprise.  And it turned out that was the least of the surprised I’d be getting from then on out. 

Adalee told me that she couldn’t stop thinking of Ben and that

So when I got back to writing, I started with a fresh piece of paper.  You'll find that several ideas from this first version continued into the next.  Where the first version was obviously going to be a 'forced into sexing up his friend', this one was going to be more of a wish went wrong.  I actually started with the wish, then went back and started writing the story knowing that I could always change or tweak the wish to fit what I'd written.

This time I didn't get interrupted... I just ran out of steam.  I still loved the image, I was still interested in writing.  I just didn't feel anything to these few paragraphs I had written.  I saved it back so for your viewing pleasure, here's version two:

Adalee, Ben, and I were good friends.  We always wanted what was best for each other, even back in college when it was apparent, we were just the oddest group of friends.  Adalee was a tiny little fiery redhead firecracker.  Four foot seven and maybe ninety pounds soaking wet she was always attracted to Ben because she was a bit of a size queen.  Ben was a small-time celebrity around town as he’d led the school to a football conference championship six years ago.  As such he was always getting hit on by girls that had pure physical desires for him and no depth to their personality.  And me?  I wasn’t much bigger than Adalee but had been friends with Ben since elementary school.  I was Ben’s trusted confidant and had helped him steer clear of several girls that were just after his former glory.  Just as I was Adalee’s confidant and had helped her steer clear of guys who were just after a one night stand with a short tiny girl like her. 

Adalee was always jokingly trying to get me to convince Ben to go out with her even though I politely told her that neither of them would get along together in bed.  While I was always trying to find both Adalee and Ben someone to love, I never tried to hook them up because while Adalee’s spirited attitude was perfect for a long term relationship with Ben, it was the opposite of his desired quiet submissive girl in bed.

Blah blah blah, wished made….

Adalee, the tiny four-foot seven girl she was, wished I could convince Ben to like smaller girls.  
Ben, the tall former football player he was, wished that he’d find a girl he loved both mentally and physically.

Me, the short nerdy friend of these two, wished I could find someone that loved me even though I was small and weak.

Not as good, right?  At least I didn't think so.  So instead of packing it up and just trying another day, I took another swing.  This one was ALMOST there.  Again, there were parts of the previous stories melded into this one, but it was more 'two people made to love each other, with one being changed into a woman'.  The problem is that once I stopped, I didn't exactly have any type of 'zinger' for the ending.... it felt more like the story was just stopping instead of finishing... and it was 90% beginning, 9% middle and 1% ending.  I needed more in the middle and final acts to really make the story work.  I loved the last paragraph but that was the entirety of the middle and ending.  That needed to be about 4 paragraphs in itself with their home life being it's own two paragraph ending.  Here's what I had when I decided it wasn't worth 'fixing':

 Ben and I were the Dwane Johnson and Kevin Hart of our office.  He was big, tall, strong, and a hit with the ladies.  I was short, funny, and mostly known for being his tiny friend.  Ben was always looking for his next female conquest.  He lusted after tiny women who he could toss around in bed and who submitted to his masculinity.  I lusted after tall busty women who didn’t mind that I was short and skinny and who would commit to a long-term relationship. 

When our secretary Adalee set us up on a business retreat we went down to the resort hoping we could drum up some business and get some local ladies.  Evidently though, Adalee had other thoughts in mind as she was always trying to help us hook up with women who would be best for us.  When we got to the cabana both Ben and I felt the magic at the same time.  It wasn’t obvious what happened to Ben at the beginning, but my transformation was obvious.  I actually grew shorter and lighter.  My body smoothed out and I grew small pert breasts, long blonde hair, and curves from my shoulders all the way to my ankles.  The letter that Adalee had delivered to the room explained that she thought, deep down, Ben and I would be perfect for each other and just needed a little push to get past some hangups. 

Ben was actually polite, although I could see the humor in his eyes as I ranted and raved about having my cock and balls traded in for a pussy and tits.  And it’s not like we could leave… my passport would no longer get me out of the country, and I needed Ben’s support in anything that required identification.  That also meant that Ben oversaw my wardrobe meaning a closet full of bikinis, shorty shorts, cropped tops, and lingerie designed more for Valentine’s Day rather than two friends.  In it’s own way, Ben’s clothing purchases trapped me in the cabana as much as my lack of ID as I was embarrassed enough to have this feminine body and now couldn’t go out in anything other than clothing designed to show it off in as sexual a manner as possible. 

It took both of us a few days to notice it, but the magic did more than transform my body.  It made us physically attracted to each other.  I could understand why Ben was attracted to me as my body was his classic type, but I’d find myself staring at his chest as he left the bathroom toweling off.  I had to make him get dressed in the privacy of the bathroom after I found I couldn’t take my eyes from his cock one morning.  And according to the cock’s growing state, and the fact that Ben stopped and presented me with his manhood, Ben was attracted to me too.

Ben’s change took longer to notice but once we did, it was obvious.  Ben was patient with me.  Ben was kind to me.  Ben was working to get me comfortable in this body and with this situation.  If he wanted me physically, he could have taken me at any time, but he tried to avoid any situation that would make me feel like ‘his’ girl.  When we watched movies at night he’d take the chair while I sat up on the bed.  When he got room service, he let me dine at the table alone while he sat with his tray on the balcony.  And while he could have been trying to get us a way back home, he wasn’t putting any effort into that endeavor. 

We realized soon after that however she did it, Adalee had done what she’d set out to do.  Our bodies and our desires had been changed and warped into a mirror of what they were before.  Ben wasn’t looking for a next conquest, he was only interested in me and willing to commit to a long-term relationship.  I was attracted to Ben and, as much as I initially wanted to deny it, I wanted to submit to him and his masculinity. 

Over the next few weeks while I learned to submit to Ben’s desires and he learned to love and take care of me, Adalee did her magic.  Legal magic this time.  One day while I was tied to the bed, a vibrator roped between my legs driving me crazy, Ben taunted me with my new evidently legal identification papers.  Weeks later when we got back to the office everybody just accepted that “I” had quit and stayed in the tropical paradise while Ben had returned with his new tiny wife.  I was hired on as Adalee’s assistant but spent most of my time serving Ben. 

So what now?  I was kind of upset at myself as I kept writing the intro to a good longer story, but I just couldn't get it done.  So, instead of focusing on a big sweeping story, I went short.  I told myself this WOULD be a cap and I needed to make the story fit into this single frame.  To do that, I needed to bang it out of the park fast.  I needed to establish that it was about size (still loved the title Size Queen!), and push right until the ending.  I figured three paragraphs would work with a setup, a middle, and an ending.  I was right on the three paragraphs, but I still screwed up a bit... two smaller paragraphs about the beginning and one with the middle and ending.    When I read it, however, it fit.  It just worked.  So... make it into a cap.

There isn't anything special about the design or layout except using my new fav curved corners is REALLY tough on a non standard shape (hence the razor sharp corners!).

I like it.  I think the third attempt I wrote would have made the best story but I'm just not built to do that type of writing.  I hope you like it too!


  1. I'm biased, I'll admit. Anything that involves becoming a short, curvy girl, I like. The issue with all three stories is the same one I tend to have. They're not really stories, they're more like outlines of stories. Or, if you will, like extended captions. The third is the most dramatic and complete, but it still would need lots of fleshing out to make it a story. I think it deserves it. Roleplaying it out might help. Either internally, or with someone else. If I knew the answer, I'd solve it for myself.

    1. I agree with you Lady Mystral. None of these are stories. In fact, I’ve never written something I’d consider a full story. Some of my longest works would qualify as short stories, but they’re still not fully fleshed out stories. For me personally these all would have fit into my ‘Obscura’ category. A story that’s too long to fit into a cap or cap series, but not long enough for short story status.

      If you’ve read along with my descriptions, you’ll see that I’m just not built to write stories. I don’t have the discipline, the patience, or the perseverance to take a narrative and write it out over the period of days/weeks/months. I lose interest, I lose focus, and then it just sits there as a monument to wasted time.

      As for ‘the answer’, it’s simple really. I’m not an author and I won’t be writing a story. Go with that expectation and you won’t be upset at what I create. If I do, one day, make a true story we can all be happy and surprised at the same time.

  2. I hope nothing I said made you think I'm upset, or even disappointed by your work. Your work is outstanding, and writing is writing. It doesn't matter if it's a novel, a short story, or a caption. Each is different. I said what I did because I run into similar issues when I try to write a story. I'd love to see you write stories, because I think you'd do well. But I'd also selfishly hope you'll keep turning out great caps.

    1. Oh no, not at all! I appreciate the compliment and comment. I'm just always nervous about people's praise, suggestions, or desires when it comes to me writing longer content. I try to nip those desires in the bud, especially since I agree... I think if I could write a story they'd be pretty nice! But that's a big if and I've tackled that mountain enough to know there isn't a high probability of every happening.

      Again, thanks for the compliment!