Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Karen for Christmas

She still knows what you're talking about!

I might have a series on my hand.  When I saw these images at Fuskator, I was intrigured with an idea of making an early Christmas cap, but they didn't do much for me.  When I saw the images of her using the beads teasingly near her crotch I immediatly thought 'There she goes, wishing those were her balls.

BAM!  I remembered the Karen cap I'd made a short while ago and was off to the races.  No, this wasn't nearly as good of a facial expression, but it certainly did fit the motif.  Instead of remaking the wheel, I litterally opened up the original Karen cap, pulled the text over, edited the lines to make it about Christmas balls, moved it around until it fit the white space, made it red.  Done.

So, now whenever I see a sexy woman playing with any type of balls, you can probably guess where my mind is going to go.  If I get a third one, I'll probably just make a 'Karen' category!

Hope you got a giggle out of this!

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