Monday, December 2, 2019

Masculinity Sucks

No need to be coy... this is about transforming and blowjobs!

It sounded too good to be true.  They claimed to be able to transfer masculinity through touch and other means and even guaranteed results.  They talked a lot about some kind of pseudo-science full of references to masculinity attractors and femininity repulsors, but the bottom line was that they could take the masculinity from one man and give it to another.  Of course, I signed up and of course I signed up for the deluxe package with two years of treatments. 

They ran their tests and paired me up with some short skinny weakling kid.  They promised that as long as the man had a penis that he could transfer his masculinity.  The massage the kid gave me was really good and even though I felt drained afterwards, they promised I’d see results soon.  After the third week I noticed the kid was starting to actually grow some body hair while I… well I noticed that my body hair was growing thinner.  Their explanation was that we were paired up because he was a natural masculinity attractor while I was a masculinity repulsor AND a femininity attractor.  That the longer he massaged and worked on me, the more masculinity he would take FROM me. 

I told them I would just stop coming to the appointments, but they said the contract I signed was binding and that I was still committed to 101 more treatments.  My attorney just laughed as he laid out my options… pay the contract penalty which would bankrupt me or continue with the treatments.  As I stormed out of his office, he promised he’d be signing up for the service himself and that he’d ask for me personally. 

After the tenth treatment I noticed my breasts coming in.  After the seventeenth treatment I couldn’t deny that my partner towered over me by four inches.  After the twenty-ninth treatment I stopped cutting my hair as it was growing too thick and full and fast.  After the forty-first treatment my partner had arms like iron bars and felt like he could break me if he wanted to.  After the sixtieth treatment I stopped dressing as a man as I couldn’t hide my curves or breasts.   After the seventy-fourth treatment I had hopes that it was over as the tech said there was no masculinity transferring between us through the massage.  On the seventy-fifth treatment, they promised that since I still had a penis that there was masculinity to transfer.  They indicated that they’d just need to use a more aggressive approach. 

Now on the eighty-first treatment, after giving my studly partner five blow jobs and waiting to give him his sixth, I have to hope that this method continues to work and that I have enough masculinity left in me for another twenty-three hummers.  If my mouth and throat can’t transmit my masculinity, they promise that my ass can.  And if I completely run out of masculinity the treatments will stop… but then none of this can be reversed.  

source:  fuskator

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