Friday, December 6, 2019


I hate lies.

There's not much to say about this one.  It just came out in one long thought process.  I love the imagery and like the design work.  I could probably make it better fit around her, but that would take editing the language in favor of the design, and in this instance... the words matter more to me.

Found the images, as almost always, at fuskator.  And this is one of the incredibly rare caps that I don't care if you like it or don't like it.  It's written for me and getting it out of my head and onto the screen is far more important that pleasing anybody.


  1. Hey caitlyn, been real hesitant to post (hence my prior deleted comments), but was wondering if you could do more sexually-explicit ftm mtf relationships?

    Was the primary reason why I commented originally several months back, love your content, been a follower for 6-7 years now, just more magic and wishes, magic and genies and magic and fantasies of genetic good girls becoming alpha men (hot, hung, hairy, handsome, buff studs) and born bad boys becoming their loving and lusting girls, women, wives and moms.

    The more intricate and drawn out, the better.

    If not as caps, maybe as stories? I know you're getting into erotica, so could you make this one of your staple categories?

    1. P. S: I was that crazy anxious and stressed teenage girl "Leila" from early-2013

      I never left, just "re-branded" my name, that's how devoted I've been to your AMAZING caps, love it!

    2. I hope you consider it, just like mtf bodysuits and ftm bodysuits, by ftm man sealing her mtf girl in suit and enjoys (by her (ftm) penile pleasuring) his (mtf) new vagina.

      Cap similar to "all the options", but guy is ftm.

      She (ftm) becomes domineering and controllive and he (mtf) is passive and submissive

  2. Straymanwhore,

    First, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I never really got behind ‘All The Options’ but it’s nice to see an old work as new again. I still don’t like the idea of pregnancy in captions. I think some of it is just crossing that line… I write stuff that is practically porn, and pregnancy is practically family/children. Those two things just don’t match.

    Second… probably not your best option to remind me that you were yanking my chain back then. I wasn’t joking when I said I don’t like my chain yanked. And what was true then is even more true now as I work with a bunch of people that want to yank my chain all day. Every day. But… bygones are bygones and stuff like that.

    I’m honored that you’ve been a fan for so long. I really appreciate that you think I could do your story justice. But where I was more ambitious of my talent ‘back then’, I’m more realistic about what I can do with what I have. First, I tend to only write well when I’m “into” a cap/story. The slow change from man to woman is enticing, exciting, and thrilling to me. Add in extra spices like a female friend that’s ‘helping’, a strong man that’s unaware of the girl’s real gender, strong alphas that don’t deserve to win but do anyway and lovely betas that deserve to win but don’t ever get close…. Yeah, I could write like that all day long. Well… I could write like that for quite awhile at least when the mood really strikes.

    And that’s where we run into a problem. I’ve grown more accustomed to writing with bodysuits as they open up a bunch of doors. Going from male to female in a snap of a finger is the best one. But I honestly don’t like them unless the story I have in my depraved little mind really warrants it. While I think I might be able to read a story that your describing, I have almost zero interest in writing that story. I’m sorry… it just doesn’t do anything to spark the engine. And that’s where being older or wiser or at least more aware of what I can/can’t do comes in.

    I’m not even going to be vague and say I might do a story like that someday. Because it just doesn’t get me going and therefore will never inspire me to write those delicious details that you’d like to read. Even if I had someone putting a gun to my head and forcing me to write out that story, I’d bet dollars to donuts that you wouldn’t like it as it’s just outside of my wheelhouse.

    I hope you find someone that’s making similar caps and that they can make one that just melts you into a little happy puddle.

    1. Okay caitlyn

      Still love your work and will continue to read and enjoy it, if pregnancy caps aren't your thing, I'm cool with that. I was originally uncomfortable looking at pregnant women as sexual beings. However, pregnant women in life still have loads of sex with their hubbies and wives.

      I wasn't yanking your chain back then, I was 16 years old and had never communicated to a strange, but fellow lgbt person (I'm transgendered myself, hence a "stray" girl, mtf girl who loves guys). I didn't know what to do and how others would view me (even though its a pseydonym).

      So, I'm confused, are you going to sometimes do ftm mtf relationships or not, sometimes? I think it would be the "true identity" of not only mtf girls and ftm guys finding their way.

      At least write about it? I really love your works and could see a classy guy like you branch out with a inclusive tone for ftm boys (ftm men).

      Maybe? Or essentially mostly no?