Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Modern Feminism

Modern feminism involves submitting to the Patriarchy!

When I saw these images, I was immediately attracted to the ones in the second and third panels.  Her smiling expression in both just spoke to me and was the entire basis of this story.  The shortest way to put it is that he/she was feminized by a strong woman to be a weak submissive girl to a big strong man, and at the end the surprise would come out that she had sought out this woman and her particular 'punishment' to men.  And that's more or less all I did with it.  I had my eyes on the images as I wrote and once I realized I was going to go beyond the single or double panel, I found the blow job pick and with just a tiny edit to the story made ti work as the first panel.  To me it really works as the guy has his hands behind him... kind of like a nice beta boy would with his superior woman... but that's too subtle to put into the story itself and I think the cat's out of the bag on my caps... the woman giving the BJ in the photo is almost always the 'hero' of the story.

Anywho, I just kept working the story through without too much concern about length.  By the time I got to the end it was lest "HAHA! I beat her and now I'm the woman I want to be" and more "I wonder if she realizes what I did, and that she'll eventually be just like me?".

Design wise, I'm still working with the 'shape' tool in Photoshop to make the under text boxes.  It very VERY easily gives me the curves and now, with just a bit of playing, gives me a great stroke around it.  I even found out how to independently work on on the height and width of the box without screwing up the corners.  I think for quick and dirty caps like this one, it's going to be my goto tool.

Hope you enjoy it!

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