Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Humiliated Enough?

Can you really be humiliated if you like humiliation?

This is one of the favorite caps I made for Bren.  Her 'Karmic Balance' and my 'Good Guy In The Wrong Place' came together into a wonderful idea.  This all just stared out by searching for an image to cap.  I was a little disappointed that I hadn't come up with a good 'dirty' picture to use for Bren's first cap "Tattoos", so I vowed that I would get one this time.  I of course wanted this to fit in with Bren's karmic balance theme, and to me that means the person is being punished.  So I had to find an image of a woman engaging in some soft of sexual act and look unhappy about it.

Now have you ever noticed how a woman's (or man's) expression during orgasm (or fake orgasm) when taken as a still photograph can be interpreted in very different ways?  It can look joyful, wonderful bliss, but at the same time horrific, terrible agony.  So that is what I was looking for when I can upon this image.  I remember looking at it, but skipping by.  I didn't think it was 'dirty' enough.  I didn't want X, I wanted XXX.  But I kept coming back to it.  The expression on her face is just priceless.  And (to me at least) it doesn't looks like she is horrified by the act she just did, but by something more.  I kept running little scenarios in my head about what could be worse than being in the body of a woman and having a load delivered right on your brand new breasts?

I finally got it.  You would willingly stoop this low, stoop low enough that you would allow a man (aha.. a Friend!) to do that to you, but only becaues it would cure you.  Only to find out that it doesn't.  Now I didn't want to take the obvious path of being tricked into a woman's body, then being tricked to have sex and change back only to learn that cum locks on into this form (its sad that that scenario is used enough to be recognizable!).  But I DID wnat to use that double whammy of horror.  You did the unthinkable just to save yourself, and find out that it doesn't save you.

So I had the very basic layout of the ending, and started working on the beginning.  To be honest I was so excited to get to the ending that I blasted through the begining.  It was about two paragraphs... and they both sucked.  (no pun intended). So I deleted them and started over.  It took quite awhile to write out the intro (mad magic wielding stripper laying out some misplaced justice!), and then adding in the other guy's transformations back.  But after I finished the story and read it, I knew i had a winner.  Like much of my work, I now find several key typos, and simple errors that I should have caught, but I don't think they detract from the overall cap.  And frankly I'm just to damned lazy to 'fix' it.


  1. Very good cap and very nice play on the conditions of the spell. I think for many of us we'd probably find ourselves stuck for a long time. It may be that humiliation would end up not coming out of something sexual at all. I'd give examples but my mind is too dirty and I have an image to uphold! :)

  2. I love the twist with getting a friend to help. Makes me wonder what would happen if they kept trying And if eventually the new girl would just fall into a rut of possible humiliation, eroticism, and Frustration. If she did, I can also see her and the friend/s getting used to doling out the "Punishments"

    I've had the same question about being turned on by humiliation, is it really the same thing anymore if you derive pleasure from it? There's lots of humiliating things that dosen't spur on any erotic feelings in me, But I do have a huge kink for it when it's made sexual.

    In a caption the focuses on humiliation though, you could put in any sort of embarrassing subject or situation and I would love it! But in real life, only certain humiliating thoughts and actions get me going.. So I guess only controlled humiliation or "safe" Humiliation works for me.

    *shrugs* Oh well, I can say that this cap certainly hit the right spot. ^_^

  3. I think something that was going through my mind at the time of writing this, was that she wasn't humiliated by the acts, because she was accepting these as 'normal' for her now. She isn't humiliated by the sexual acts.

    She may not like them, but they aren't humiliating to her. I wanted to play it out a bit longer as she tries to become humiliated through other acts like traditional sex, anal sex, bondage, but does not find them humiliating. I thought about writing them up as a follow up cap, but never got around to it, and found 'new' ways to cap Bren.

    The real thing I would like to explore in this 'spell' is if she is not humiliated by being a woman, but finds humiliation some other way, does the spell break? Or is it only finding a way to be humiliated in a way relating to her sex.

  4. Figured I would make a preemptive post here on this caption in case people read my latest comment in my blog, complaining about "random blowjob pictures". Weird that this happens to be the first caption I see after posting.

    One of the main drawing points of THIS picture is the look on her face. THAT is the essence of the picture, not necessarily the actual cocksucking itself. The fact that you found this picture and kept coming back to it says something more about it.

    My rallying point in my blog was about people who just grabbed a "lips on cock, cum drizzling down" picture, and linked it with, "S0-and-so is now a girl, giving head on the corner for 5 bucks a blow" and calling it a complete TG caption.

    Figured I would nip any controversy involved before people got all "Ohhh Dee is calling out people!"

  5. I appreciate you saying that Dee. I know the type of caps you are describing, and have never thought of myself as making them. I think the major thing lacking in those caps are story, or hitting strongly someone's preferences. I know with short caps there isn't much story, but the key is hitting someones preferences, and letting the bit of story there lead you to their preferences without bending over backwards to do it.

    But as I said, thanks for pointing out that you weren't calling me out on it!

  6. Very nice caps, i love his/her facial expresion.

  7. The answer is simple. If he was to feel the humiliation the stripper was referring too, then he must become a stripper himself! (probably wont work LOL)!