Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just A Dream

It IS just a dream isn't it?

Another quick one.

I'm hoping that the story flows well with this one, as the punch line to the whole cap is the image itself.  When I saw this image, the story more or less just popped straight into my head.  I was looking at a man who was transformed in his sleep and was dreaming of having sex as a woman.  I didn't even plan on mentioning the watch, but it seemed like the perfect spark for the transformation.

Hopefully you didn't have to read my explanation to get it.  I really don't have more to say about it... it's really just another step back into capping again.



  1. I love dream state captions like this one here, and the true punchline will be when she wakes up and find that dreams really do come true!

    This is a great quick-caption; and really gets the juices flowing... so to speak that is!

    1. Thanks Kairlyn! I've played around with 'dreams' a few times, but never made one quite as nebulous as this one.