Friday, September 14, 2012

Removing the Competition

A collaboration between Anne Oni Mouse and myself

This is a caption made from my request for help in "Collaboration Round 2".  Much like my previous collaborative works, I took a story written up by Anne Oni Mouse that was inspired by a photo and idea from me, and applied it into one of my designs.

Much like Panty LisaAnn's story in "Witch's Needs" Anne went in a different direction with this story (I should mention that Anne wrote this story before Lisa submitted hers... I just decided to work with this story last).  Most caps are made from the transformee's perspective.  In "Witch's Needs" LisaAnn wrote it from the perspective of the person doing the transformation.  Here, Anne does that as well, but also transforms a woman into a man.  There aren't a whole lot of F to M caps and it's a nice treat to see it here!

I didn't feel that there was much to change in the story.  It read well, would fit into almost any design I chose, and had enough emotional impact.  So after I read it, I went right into design.  My first choice was to crop the image down into a horizontal format.  I don't know why, but I've been a fan of this format for awhile now.  But in this case it was to further the story... I just pictured with the image this way that one of the girls was using that magical golden dildo on Helen.   

And speaking of the magical golden dildo (can you tell that I enjoy typing out magical golden dildo?  Because I do... I do like typing out magical golden dildo!), that inspired the color choice.  I may have gone into the yellow spectrum anyway, just to highlight "Helen's" hair, but I tried to keep it a darker more saturated yellow to match the magical golden dildo that isn't in the photo.  

I also wanted to do something a little different.  I've used this stroking technique before (and by stroking, I'm talking about adding the yellow outline... not THAT stroking!), and enjoyed it but in general I prefer to stay a little more minimalistic.  But in this instance, not only have I now capped this image three times before, I felt that would be a little more impactful than a glow around the photo.  

And as long as I was using this stroking method, I combined it with the semi opaque text boxes.  Each text block actually has two text boxes under it.  One is solid and has the stroke around it (layer wise it sits behind the photo), and one is semi opaque and sits over the photo.  

I'm not entirely happy with the design, but that just may be because I don't feel its 'different' enough from the other caps based around this image.  Story wise, I did end up adding a bit, but it was more of a design choice, as I wanted the last line of each paragraph to be a little more full.  

Just like my other collaborations, I await Anne's opinion on the project.  Only when she is happy with it, will I call it finished.  


  1. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo. Magical golden dildo.

    I see what you mean Caitlyn. It is fun to type!



  2. Great story by Anne and a gorgeous layout by you. And it's a refreshing change of pace to see a F to M transformation.

  3. Congratulations on combining my story so well with the image. You really are a mistress of graphical creation, which makes your work stand out from the crowd. Yes F2M is very unusual I can't remember the last time I made one.

    1. I'm glad you liked it Anne, and thank you for the kind words! I guess this wraps up the last of the Collaboration series.

  4. When I saw that it was F/M...I thought meh...I'll read it but I'm not going to like it. Here, is where the ole book and cover thing comes into play. Unless of course, you take the panel design to be the cover in this metaphor... which it isn't, because the panel design is striking and lovely...and the story, well I really liked it as well...So I guess I actually should have judged this book by it's panel...uuummmm I'm just confusing myself. Well done Anne and Caitlyn...great cap.