Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Witch's Needs

A Collaboration between Panty LisaAnn and myself

This is a caption made from my request for help in "Collaboration Round 2".  Much like my previous collaborative works, I took a story written up by Panty LisaAnn that was inspired by a photo and idea from me, and applied it into one of my designs.

I really enjoyed Panty LisaAnn's story here.  I think it's fairly rare to have the story told from the transformer's perspective.  Sure, we'll occasionaly see a cap where the story is told from the perspective of a Mistress talking to her new pet (and variations on that theme), but I don't believe I've seen a story told from the person's perspective that is doing the transforming.  This isn't a story of three guys getting transformed, its a story of a witch transforming three guys.  And that bit of difference really caught my interest.

I barely touched Panty LisaAnn's story as I think it had the right tone and didn't leave anything out.  The only edits I made were after it was inside the layout, and those changes were just to make the paragraphs line up better.  Purely visual changes, as opposed to subject changes.

For the design, I zoomed the image in quite a bit.  My main reason for doing this was to focus in on the witch, and also to take out the newly transformed girls' skirts.  Yes, we all know that this is a photo of four 'school girls', but I wanted to give at least the little bit of believability that the three other girls in the photo might be in boy's school uniforms.  That thought didn't have a chance if you saw their skirts.

I also for some unknown reason really got into making sure that all the spacing was dead on.  The space to the left of the text box, as well as the top, side and bottom of the photo are all 35 pixels.  The space from the top of the text box, to the top of the photo is 35 pixels, as is the space from the bottom of the text box to the bottom of the photo.  I normally go for even spacing, but I do it with my eyes.  This time I pulled out the Photoshop ruler and made sure they all matched up exactly.

The one problem with this, is the title.  I left no space to put the title out on the canvas.  So I had to struggle a bit to make it work over the top of the photo.  I wanted that slightly more 'fun' font to show up, and to make it work required the font to be black with the light blue glow effect.  I think it works and doesn't detract from the cap, although I do miss the title being a little more obvious.

I'm happy with the cap.  I think the design and layout flow with the story, and I"m very happy with LisaAnn's story.  But as with all collaboration caps, I'll wait to get either LisaAnn's approval, or any edits that she wants before I call this finished.


  1. Fun and sexy...Oh those college age witches and their hijinks. lol :)

    1. Thanks Jenna. Ya gotta love not just witches hijinks but all kinds of TG hijinks!

  2. Delightfully approved, Caitlyn. Thanks for the kind words, and a bit of the psychology behind your methods. Glad you're getting back to being yourself.


    1. Thanks LisaAnn! It feels good to be coming back!