Monday, September 24, 2012

Bit by Bit

A very slow transformation

So I made this cap for Angel.  I know I'm in the process of catching up on some cap debt, and this may seem like I'm doing something out of thin air for Angel, but the truth is she gave me a private cap.  It was a hot little button pusher that Angel was actually cute enough to say that I didn't need to return.  But even back then, I had every intention of making her a cap in thanks.

Now when I consider a cap for someone, I generally have an idea of the type of cap I want to make.  When I make one for Simone there is going to be a domme/sub angle to it.  The same (but opposite) applies to Jennifer.  Realfield will get a nice squirmy Alpha Male cap, and smitty will just get a plain ol fun over the top squirmy sexy cap.

But there are several people who I don't have a set style for.  Angel and Dee are both people that I focus less on content, and instead focus on creativity.  Angle even has this listed in her preferences:

"I love uniqueness and creativity above all else"

The only thing hard about this type of cap though, is that there is no unique image to look for.  I'm not looking for a Mistress or a slave.  I'm not looking for a girl submitting to a man, nor a series of a girl fucking a guy.  I'm just looking for something that inspires a different kind of story.

So this morning I was just looking to cap.  If I found something that sent me on a new path, I'd follow it and make it for Angle, but if I didn't... if I just found a good image with a more standard design or story... I'd just make a regular fun cap.  When I saw this series of images, I initially thought about making a 'Caitlyn' cap.  I mean hey, you know I love the red heads!  But when I came to this specific image I got a 'different' idea.  To me it looked like the woman was 'sucking' the masculinity out of the red head.  Sure, plenty of people have made this type of cap... femmy vampires, succubus, whatever you want to call them... but I kind of went a different direction.  Specifically that she wasn't just sucking the masculinity out of the transformed guy, but that her sucking was actually making the breasts grow.

My mind continued to wander and I started thinking of a story where a woman slowly transforms a man using only her tongue and lips.  Everywhere she kissed him, he would change.  I had to pause for a few moments when I pictured the 69 scene... changing both his genitals AND his voice... mmm...

I don't recall having read a story like this.  I'm not saying that there hasn't been one like this... but if there is, it isn't in my field of vision.  So I knew that I had something a little more 'unique' for Angel.  The story came out really smoothly when I sat down to write it, and I didn't see a reason to reinvent the design as there was the perfect place to put a text box.  So thinking about the cap took about 45 minutes, and making it only took about 30 minutes (including writing the story).

I'm fairly happy with the cap.  There is a small part of me that wishes it was a little more graphic, but I still think it has enough sex appeal for Angel!


  1. A wonderfully sweet and sensual method of transformation! I would love to feel my body shrinking and softening under her delicate lips, and too feel her change my voice too! Mmmm...

  2. I don't know what Angel will think...but this is sooo awesome. Forget amulets, rings, books, potions, curses and spells of other kinds...this is wonderful, sensual magic. I loved it is an understatement.

  3. I love every "bit" of this!

    If there's a sexier method of transformation, I've never heard of it. The details you give, especially the bit about the 69ing, are so hot I don't think that I can take it. Bravo!

  4. This remeinds me of the concept of the potter. Molding the perfect work slowly from his (or her) clay. Its very good. I like that you used a subject model that still has smal breasts. That implies that it is very much a work mid creation. Nice.

  5. A nice take on a slow transformation. Beautiful caption.

  6. First off, let me start by saying that you really did not need to make a return. What I made you was very simple, and I did not even post it anywhere. So, really, you need not have done anything for it.

    Second, I hope you, or others, don't think that you can only caption me if it is something that is completely unique or never seen before. I do love creativity and uniqueness in captions, but I can certainly enjoy a well made "tried and true" sort of caption. I just don't want people to feel that there is a set formula you have to follow for me, and that they should be free to experiment and come up with new things.

    With that out of the way, thank you for this caption. It is definitely erotic. Oddly enough, I've actually been in a redhead sort of mood lately. (Actually, if you think about it, given my generally fiery and passionate nature, redhead probably suits me just as well if not more than blonde. Course I can be pretty flighty too). I certainly wouldn't mind going through this. I get to be loved, and she gets to have her perfect lover. Sounds like a match made in heaven. What's a Y chromosome compared to that?

    1. I can appreciate not 'needing' to make a return Angel, but I really did enjoy the cap you made for me. If I get that warm happy feeling from a cap, then I not only want to make a return cap, but I want to return that feeling. It doesn't matter to me that it wasn't posted anywhere... that just means it's a that much more special!

      I'm glad you liked the cap. I'm glad that the red head fit your mood... it helped me fall into it a little more!

  7. Thank you everyone! I'm very glad that this went over well. The photo certainly helps!

  8. Wow. This is a very sweet and squirmy cap. What a fantastic was to be made over.