Thursday, October 22, 2015

Belief isn't the Problem

I DO believe you

No, you listen to ME Jake.  I DO believe that you swapped bodies with my wife.  You’ve convinced me of that.  The problem isn’t disbelief, the problem is that it doesn’t matter who is controlling my wife’s body.  We’ve had this swinger’s party on the books for months.  My boss is going to be there.  Several important clients are going to be there.  This is not a party that I can afford to miss and I can’t go without my wife.  So you WILL get dressed up in Sheri’s sexiest lingerie.  You WILL put on that makeup.  You WILL put on that slutty dress.  And most importantly you WILL have sex with multiple people tonight.  Do you feel my fingers down there?  Well you’d better get used to having far more attention paid to that part of your body!

Look, I will take no pleasure in watching my best friend get fucked seven ways from Sunday while in the body of my wife, but I WILL watch it because it WILL happen!  Oh, and just a fair warning; Sheri has a reputation of giving great head.  I’m sure no matter how each encounter starts, all the guys are going to want to finish in your cute little mouth of yours. 

source:  fuskator 

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