Sunday, October 25, 2015

That Fateful Kiss

To convince her.  To convince me.

When Amelia and I started going out, it was a shock to all of her friends.  She had never dated a guy before.  It was a shock to us as well…. We had been friends for years and up until that fateful kiss we thought we’d remain nothing more than friends.  I still remember what I said…  “How do you know you don’t like guys until you’ve kissed one?”  It turns out that while she wasn’t exactly wild about kissing a guy, she did like kissing me.  Her friend.  Her soul mate.  And now… her lover. 

While I love Amelia with my entire heart, and know that she loves me with her entire heart I can see that she still longs for a woman’s touch.  So while on a tropic vacation I told her that we’d find her just that.  We’d search high and low until we found a cute little blonde Barbie girl for Amelia.  We didn’t have much luck but still had our fun.  When we went to the fortune teller’s tent at the carnival Amelia was just told that she was already in a relationship with her soul mate.  I, however, was told that Amelia’s ultimate happiness was mine to decide.  If nothing changed, we would remain in love.  We would marry and grow old together, but while she would love me she would never reach the heights of true happiness again.  But if I took her charm and willed it to be so, we would remain together in love and Amelia would forever be happy.  Happy with her girlfriend. 

Without hesitation.  Without a single doubt or second thought, I took the charm and willed that future to be.    There was no stretching or changing.   My large calloused hand took the charm in one moment and in the next the gypsy’s gnarled hand clasped around my delicate fingers as she said that I made the right decision.   The enormity of my decision came crashing down on me… I was a woman.  I could sense my breasts rise and fall inside my bikini top.  I could feel my long golden hair brushing up and down my back.  Only when Amelia came back into the tent did I know that my decision was the right one.  Her lovely surprised face showed me that I had the exact body that she desired.  My own new delicate folds grew moist as she took my hand and lead me down the beach. 

I told her I was nervous.  That while I wanted her to be happy and couldn’t imagine living a life with her wanting something else… that I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a woman.  She cupped my face and brought me close as she said “How do you know you don’t like being a girl until you’ve been kissed like one?”

That kiss sealed my fate.  It sealed our fates. 

source:  fuskator

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