Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We're all just friends... redux

A sexy new friend CAN mean sex!

No, don’t get up Alex.  Look, Marissa told Chad and I everything.  She told us how you’ve always wanted to dress up like a girl… how you’ve secretly always wanted to BE a girl.  I’m not going to say it didn’t take us by surprise… I mean come on we all played on the same soccer team in high school.  We all cruised for girls together in college.  When you stopped hanging around with us we thought we’d pissed you off.   We thought your longer hair was a just a phase.  And when we saw you in the locker room with no body hair, hell we thought you’d lost a bet or something.  But now it all makes sense.

You know what didn’t make sense though?  When Marissa told us you were nervous about us.  That you had secret fantasies involving your buddies blackmailing you into giving them blowjobs.  Look, we’ve always been there for each other through thick and thin and never backed down… so why would that change now?  To show you on board, we got you this gift.  Yup, it’s a pink sex toy… a toy for you just like you’ll be a toy for us.  But look, we’re all just friends here and we’re not going to force you into anything.  This will be a mutual fun experience for all of us.  If you want us to stop for any reason and at any time, you just say so.  Now scootch over sweetie and let’s show you how toys can be used!

Mmm… you like it when I call you sweetie, don’t you?  Now go ahead and open those legs up.  Don’t worry, we know your tuck won’t necessarily hold.  That’s why Marissa had you wear such a tight pair of panties today.   Wow, you sound so damned sexy when you gasp like that.   If you like Chad’s hand on your thigh, wait till you feel this….

That’s it baby, just give in.   You’re a toy and we always treat our toys well!  Now I don’t want to ruin the mood, but remember if you’re uncomfortable at all, just say so.  We’re not going to think any less of you if you  MMmmmmfff!!! 

Well aren’t you just the sexiest little kisser!  Since you obviously understand the rules let’s get you undressed!

God Alex, you are just too damned sexy!  I can understand why you’d want to wear all these frills and lace, but I hope you understand that even naked you are one sexy piece of fresh meat!  Now kneel down here and get ready.  That’s right sweetie, you’ve gotten us hard already!  Now wrap those hands around em. 

You’ve always been the small one Alex.  Now look at you… your dainty hands with your pink fingernails wrapped around our two big cocks.  Mmm… you like it when I say that don’t you?  You… small, cute, sexy, dainty.  Kneeling here between two big hunks, slowly jacking their throbbing cocks up and down with a bit of drool wetting your already sexy pink lips.   Why don’t we put those lips to better use…

Oh… nervous?  Are you a virgin you sexy little vixin?  Well Chad will be happy to help you out.  Just open wide and let  him guide you along!

This is just so damned HOT!  To think that we wasted all that time trolling for girls at the clubs when we could have just hung out a home with the sexiest girl on campus!  That’s enough with Chad babe, come on over here.  Nope, I’m not going to guide you or put my hand on you… this is all you Alex. 

Ahhhh…. Your mouth feels so good sweetie!  No, go nice and slow.  Take your time…. Enjoy your first time.  And yes, this will only be your FIRST time.  Marissa has said she’s more than willing to share you!  She get’s all your sweet lovey dovey affection while Chad and I get your carnal cock sucking needs.  Now we promised we wouldn’t take your ass…. That Marissa get’s first dibs on that.  But once she uses her strap on and you scream from her fucking you, you’ll get to pleasure both Chad and I at the same time. 

Now look up here.  Look into my eyes.   Lemme see just how much you are loving this.  Mmm… you’re welcome Alex.  We’ll take good care of you and let you take good care of us.  After all…  we’re just a group of friends sharing some fun and getting to know each other all over again!

source:  fuskator