Friday, October 9, 2015

People Love My Sound!

How I'll get my career back!

I was there.   I was just about to make it big.  Sure, it was still a struggle to line up gigs, but every time I performed people loved me.    My fan base was growing and it wouldn’t take long to reach that critical mass where I’d get noticed by some record label.  Sure, no one came to look at me but it didn’t matter.  I had the sound and people loved my sound. 

And then this happened.  A simple wish to look like a real country star turns me into… into this!  It took weeks to convince my friends that it was really me.  It took even longer to re-learn how to play.  How do girls pick at their guitars with these damned nails!?  But now I’m ready.  Now I’m gonna get my career back.

The photographer thinks that if I dress sexy enough that I’ll get some good gigs.  Everybody wants to see a sexy babe!  The only things I insisted on were my classic look.  Boots, a leather coat, and pa’s old beat up hat. 

I thought it’d look good with a pair of jeans, but maybe he’s right.   This look will certainly get me more gigs.  Sure, everyone is going to come just to look at me but it doesn’t matter.   I have the sound and people will love my sound!

source:  fuskator

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