Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Learning the Girl's Way

It's so much easier than the Boy's Way!

Mom says that ever since she changed me from her son to her daughter that I have to relearn everything.   I understood learning how to properly care for my hair… it’s long, lush and easily damanged.  I understood learning how to properly dress… my old sweats would have fit, but wouldn’t have looked good with these curves.  I understood learning how to walk, and talk, and even shop. 

But this is just ridiculous.  I know damned well how to change a tire, but Mom says I have to stay  out here like this until I can get a big strong man to do it for me.  “Good girls don’t do manual labor that men can do for them.  Just be ready to pay the nice man!”  Mom just giggled when I asked her how I could possibly pay him when she sent me out here without my purse.

source:  fuskator 

p.s... there were many photos in this set I could have used!

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  1. It's an interesting photo set, but I think you picked the best one! Great caption!