Saturday, October 10, 2015

Impure Thoughts

Think non sexy things!

She said it was a curse… that every time I had an impure thought I’d lose some of my masculinity.  That I’d gain some femininity.  When I thought about us having mad passionate sex my cock shrunk by an inch.  After that I tried.  I tried to be the chaste pure man that she wanted.  But how do you control your thoughts? 

When she kissed me goodbye and I cupped her ass, I felt all my body hair disappear.  Whenever I saw my secretary at work my skin would grow smoother.  When I saw that Victoria’s Secret billboard on my way home my hair grew out all the way down my back.  When that female police officer pulled me over my lips plumped out.  When I saw our neighbor’s baby sitter in her tight sweater I felt breasts grow under my shirt. 

I tried to get my thoughts under control.  I turned on sports center but they had that spot on the WNBA… say hello to my new pussy.  I went to the kitchen to make dinner but then I saw that Sara La Fountain cook book… now I sound just like her.  I went upstairs to change my clothes into something that fit better, but each article of her clothes I put on felt sexier and sexier, making me look sexier and sexier. 

I just have to focus on something that will turn me off.  Grandma.  Baseball.  Math Equations.  Naked guys.. Mmm… big strong naked guys.  Ahhh… they could put their hard cocks between my growing breasts and cum all over my…


source:  Dirty Marc


  1. nice caption, Caitlyn...... I like it.


  2. Hmmm, one part just seems too ludicrous in that it totally suspends my disbelief. That ESPN would spend any amount of time on the WNBA and that anyone associated with it would ever turn someone on!

    Otherwise, good as usual! LOL

    1. HA!! Yeah, I probably should have used women's soccer or maybe tennis (with all their loud aggressive feminine grunts!). But I didn't spend much time re-writing and the WNBA is what first came to mind!

  3. Wonderful story that reaches beautiful conclusion :)

  4. Thanks ladies! I really wish this was a better image to start from, but it is what inspired the story and I wasn't about to go out and try to find an image that worked better.