Thursday, October 15, 2015

Making the Perfect Sissy Bride

Good artists start with good clay

Now Mr. Greer I know you have a lot of choices in your sissy wife purchasing needs, but I think you’ll see that we have the best products available.  All of our future brides are trained using state of the art technology and techniques for body, behavior, and temperament. You’ll find them all to be beautiful, slutty, and docile. 

Now I know what you are thinking;  all of our rivals will tell you the same thing.  After all we all hire the very best plastic surgeons, he best psychologists, and the best bulls.  We all train them to be submissive sluts in the bedroom, arm candy diva’s at the club, and we all even imprint them individually onto their daddy husbands.  I’d be lying if I said that our techniques, tools, or training were head and shoulders above our rivals.

No, what makes us better than the rest is the raw material.   Some of our rivals go after the ambiguous male models that will allow them to look feminine with minimal surgery and hormones.  Others will go after the homeless and familyless to ensure no one will come looking for their sons, brothers, husbands, or fathers.  But we are a little more forward thinking.  It’s said that an artists is as only as good as the clay they start with… well we start with only the best raw material.

Our sissy brides all started out as fans of transgender fiction.  And not just any fans, no we find the most creative amongst their rank.  Do you remember that list I asked from you?  The sites that you enjoyed going to?  Nikki Jenkins' Feminization Station, Realfield's Candy Counter of Captions, and Smitty's TG Caps?  Well those authors and artists are exactly who we start with.  Oh, I understand… you wanted a reluctant bride.  Trust me, most of these creative types don’t actually want to live this life.  To them it’s just a fantasy.  It’s a fetish that they think about and share with others.  But their years of thought make this so much more insidious.  You see while yours is the first actual cock that she’s sucked on she’s been imagining this in one way or another since 2010. 

Who is she?  Well I normally don’t give out specifics, but in your case I think it’s worth it.  We picked up this little sissy a few years ago.  It meant shutting down her blog and having her say ‘goodbye’ to all of her sissy friends but this moment makes it all worthwhile.   You see, you can even bring her back her online persona if you’d like… just imagine her bent over a desk creating some of your favorite captions series while you’re taking her from behind.   You’ll be responsible for bringing back the one and only Smitty!

Bwa Ha Ha Ha!

source:  fuskator


  1. I was wondering were all these cappers went. I guess they are recruiting at the Haven as well. that would explain thee amount of inactive acounts.

    The doorbell? I'm not expecting anyone...